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Berg Newspapers is a publication business inside the Walls. The business played a crucial role in the liberation of the Scout Regiment during the coup d'état.


The Berg Newspapers were responsible for the compilation and distribution of information approved by the Royal Government for the public. While mainly distributing newspapers to the people of the Walls, they also deal in other forms of information as well such as wanted posters.[1]

Until the overthrowing of the Royal Government, the newspaper was required to publish only information that supported the motives of the government, regardless of the truth or lack thereof.[2]


Royal Government arc

Roy stops Peaure from writing further

After Kenny Ackermann and the Anti-Personnel Control Squad battles with the Scout Regiment in Trost District, Roy and Peaure receive the story from Military Police Regiment Commander Nile Dawk for publication. Peaure begins to take notes on the presence of the Interior Squad, but Roy stops him, assuring Nile that the Berg Newspaper will publish only the government-approved story.[2]

The next day, when the First Interior Squad is tricked into publicly revealing their true nature and motives, the Berg Newspaper is there to record, publish, and distribute to the rest of the nation.[2] This information quickly reaches Mitras, and thanks to their efforts the Scouts are cleared of their false allegations and return to their old prominence.[3]

Return to Shiganshina arc

Roy and Peaure meet with Hange and Levi

When the government takes the decision to publicly reveal the information they learned from Grisha Jaeger's books, the Berg Newspapers participate. Roy and Peaure later meet Hange Zoë, who has become the commander of the Scout Regiment, and Levi Ackermann. They discuss the recently revealed information, the reactions of the people, and Roy's worries for the future.[4]

War for Paradis arc

Roy appeals to Hange

When word is leaked to the public that Eren Jaeger has been arrested for attacking Marley, Roy and Peaure are among the mob of people who harass Hange for answers outside of the military's headquarters. Peaure attempts to block Hange's way into the headquarters to ask them whether the rumors of the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers and Eren's arrest, as well as the rumors of an impending attack from Marley, are true. Hange refuses to answer and shoves him out of the way. When Hange refuses to answer his questions, Roy questions whether Hange has changed their stance on the idea that the public should be privy to what the government is doing.[5]