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Bernhardt (ベルンハルト Berunharuto?) was a former member of the Military Police Brigade who was kicked out for corruption. Mathias Kramer meets him and his band of outlaws in Fuerth District. Bernhardt appeared in the light novels Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City, Part 1 and Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City, Part 2.


Bernhardt was a tall, mustached man of indeterminate age wearing the uniform of a soldier. When Mathias Kramer met him he figured Bernhardt was probably in this thirties, but his mustache might have been hiding a greater age, and Mathias would have believed it if someone told him Bernhardt was fifty.[1]

After Bernhardt was captured by Rita Iglehaut, his hair and beard became overgrown. He was scrawny and his clothing consisted of dirty rags, but his skin was clean, showing that he still took care of himself.[2]


Though largely amoral, Bernhardt presents himself in a congenial and romanticized fashion. He insists on calling his band of thieves "glorious outlaws" and considers his own name to have a dignified ring to it. Bernhardt is well-spoken and eloquent, making it clear that he is used to dealing with people of a high social status.[3]

However, he is an opportunist who is happy to take advantage of any situation that comes his way. He was kicked out of the Military Police for rerouting supplies to the black market and turning a blind eye towards the smuggling activities of the thieves who now serve as his companions. When Mathias Kramer meets him as a "new" recruit, Bernhardt is happy to go on the expedition to Wall Maria "for the good of humanity," and to loot all the abandoned homes along the way.[4]

As a combatant, Bernhardt is cunning and confident, being willing to attack a Titan with nothing but an improvised weapon.[5]




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