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Beyond the Boundary (境界の外 Kyōkai no soto?) is the 1st chapter of the 14th volume and the 49th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Maria Carlstead is informed that the trainees have arrived with Jorge Pikale at the gates of Wall Maria. As they reach the base of the Wall, Carlo Pikale notifies them that they will be going to the top of the Wall to experience what it is like to see Titans face-to-face. Some of them, like Rosa, are nervous about the thought but they all eventually reach the top. Taking in the view of the world outside the Walls, Rosa and the others are soon horrified to see that their enemy, the Titans, look eerily similar to themselves.


Maria Carlstead is atop the Wall and keeping watch when a member of her squad informs her that the carriages carrying the new trainees have arrived. As Jorge enters Shiganshina, he is notified that the captain has been summoned to the capital and that Maria will handle them instead. Rosa is understandably nervous at the thought of her mother seeing her with the Survey Corps, but Kuklo gives her a reassuring smile. Many of the other trainees notice how busy the street is and are enamored by the different smells of food.

Kuklo scales the Wall

After reaching the base of the Wall, Jorge summons the trainees while Carlo notifies them they will be shown the view beyond the walls as well as their first look at Titans. While this makes many of the trainees nervous, they are surprised to see several tall ladders against the Wall; Jorge informs them they will have to climb up to the top. Before that, Kuklo and Cardina arrive wearing sets of vertical maneuvering equipment to demonstrate how it will be utilized. Kuklo fires an anchor and flies up the Wall, followed quickly by Cardina. Jorge arranges the trainees in groups to start climbing the ladders.

At the top, Kuklo and Cardina meet Maria. She spots the improved design of the gear and is amazed by the changes made since she saw it last. When Cardina mentions that it was Sharle's idea, Maria remembers that she heard Angel returned out of exile. She tells the two to have Angel visit her when they get back. Kuklo looks outside the wall and inquires about conditions; Maria becomes solemn and states there are more than usual, as if the Titans could sense there were more people there today than before.

The trainees see Titans for the first time

As Rosa climbs, she tries to think of how far up she is and inadvertently looks down. She almost loses her grip due to her panic, but Jorge tells her to take deep breaths and not look down. As she reaches the top, Maria congratulates her and is shown where the others are. Rosa is taken back about seeing the outside world for the first time, but then notices Titans below and is horrified by how similar to humans they appear to be. Kuklo points out the different sizes around them, but few of the trainees listen. Rosa realizes that she is truly scared of the Titans as one turns around and grins at her from afar.

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