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| Status = Alive
| Status = Alive
| Notable abilities = Crystallization, Armor, Thick Fur
| Notable abilities = Crystallization, Armor, Thick Fur
| Debut manga =
| Debut live-action =
| Debut video game = [[Attack on Titan (Game)|Attack on Titan]]
| Debut video game = [[Attack on Titan (Game)|Attack on Titan]]

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Bizarre Titans are unusual Titans that occasionally appear as Dire Subjugation bosses in Attack on Titan. They appear in three flavors, with a re-skinned appearance matching the Female, Armored, or Beast Titan.

Bizarre Titans possess the same combat abilities and defenses as the original Female, Armored, and Beast Titans and must be defeated using the same strategies. Notably, the Beast Titan variant can be killed, but the story version of the Beast Titan will always escape before combat can be completed.

Appearance Edit

Armored Edit

The Bizarre version of the Armored Titan has dark plates of hardened skin covering the entirety of its body, except for muscles in its cheeks that become exposed when it opens its lipless jaw, as well as the muscle tissue behind its knees, elbows and feet. Its eyes are covered by white, organic lenses, and it has short, black hair that flows to the back of its head.

Female Edit

The Bizarre version of the Female Titan, has a body consisting mainly of exposed muscle, in which there is a noticeable limited amount of skin coverage across its body, and fingers made out of bone. Its face is laden with muscle lining, notably underneath its cheeks, giving it the capability to stretch her mouth far more than it seems. Its hair often changes length throughout appearances, from shaggy chin length to barely past the ears.

Beast Edit

The Bizarre version of the Beast Titan has a distinct ape-like appearance. Its body structure and facial features are like that of a human's and it walks upright like one. It stands at 17 meters in height and dark gold fur covers the large majority of its body, with the exception of its face, hands, feet, and torso which are bare skin. Its arms are also elongated, with long fingers and fully-functional thumbs. The proportions of its upper body are similar to those of the Colossal Titan, possessing a massive chest and small head, as well as disproportionately slim and lengthy arms.

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