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Quote1.png I'm sorry...I shouldn't have spent two months' worth of our food budget on tonight. Quote2.png
— The soldier regrets his kindness towards his fellow soldiers[2]

The black-haired soldier (黒髪の兵士 Kurokami no Heishi?)[1] was a team leader (班長 Hanchō?) in the Survey Corps. He led a team within Hange Zoë's Fourth Squad during the battle of Shiganshina District.


This soldier was a man of average height with long, black hair which he kept parted and swept out of his eyes. When not wearing the standard Survey Corps uniform, he could usually be seen wearing a long-sleeve shirt with another short-sleeve shirt over it and long, dark pants.


While serious on the battlefield, he was shown to be a very kind man, spending extra corps funds to provide meat for his comrades in celebration of their impending expedition.


Return to Shiganshina arc

The soldier attends a meeting of the Survey Corps

The officer is seen attending a meeting between Erwin Smith and the other Survey Corps officers to discuss the recent revelations involving Eren Yeager's father Grisha. As the meeting concludes and the officers depart, he suggests serving red meat to the soldiers, which the others approve.[3]

He spends what little funds the Survey Corps has remaining to buy meat from the Reeves Company for his comrades, in celebration of their impending expedition to retake Wall Maria. The soldiers begin fighting with each other over the meat and the soldier, dejected, apologizes to his fellow officers for buying the meat.[2]

The following day, all soldiers are ready at dawn. The officer and other high-ranking soldiers salute to members of the other branches and head to the Wall.[4] However, they are met with unexpected fanfare from Trost District's citizens, led by Flegel and the Reeves Company. Having intended to keep their departure a secret, the soldier apologizes for having informed Flegel of the mission.[5]

After arriving in Shiganshina District and successfully sealing the outer hole in Wall Maria, the Survey Corps is ambushed by the Beast Titan and its forces. On Erwin Smith's orders, this officer accompanies Squad Levi and Squad Hange to engage the Armored Titan.[6] After managing to seemingly take down the Armored Titan,[7] the soldiers flee the area after noticing a barrel fly over the Walls. When it does not explode, Hange orders the group to go and finish off Reiner, and they are caught in the blast from Bertolt's Titan transformation and killed.[8]

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