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Blades of Karma (宿縁の双剣 Shukuen no Sōken?) is the 3rd chapter of the 9th volume and the 31st chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Kuklo is able to get Sharle far away from the Military Police and Gloria Bernhart orders him to be tracked down, vaguely recalling that he looked familiar. Kuklo and Sharle start to make their way back to Jorge and Cardina when they are met by Xavi; stunned that Kuklo is still alive, Xavi makes them a one-time offer for Kuklo's safety.


August is brought to Gloria

August is brought to Gloria

As Kuklo flies through the air, Sharle expresses shock and amazement over how they are flying through the air. As Xenophon looks on in satisfaction over the new usage of the device, August is taken into custody by the Military Police. As he is brought down below, Gloria orders her men to track down the boy and makes sure to state the Sharle is not to be harmed. Captain Dafner expresses amazement too, noting that the strange device could be a breakthrough in fighting the Titans. August is brought down to Gloria; he continues to express disappointment over how everyone is dragging him down and swears that he was set up. Gloria decides to question him at the MP headquarters and orders Xenophon be escorted back home. She then looks up at the sky, noting a strange feeling that she has seen the boy who flew in from somewhere before.

Far away, Kuklo looks around and relays to Sharle that there are no Military Police soldiers nearby. Sharle is overcome with joy at seeing Kuklo safe, but sees that he is injured. She bandages the wound on his left leg from Mai, and they set off to the main gate where both Jorge and Cardina are waiting for him. Sharle tells Kuklo about the Dissidence rebels who attacked him but he says that there was no malicious intent from them. Sharle then asks what Kuklo would have done, and he states that he would break the cage of fear that gripped the rebels; Kuklo goes on and says that the most prevalent emotion he sensed from people was fear. He resolves to defeat the Titans to break the cage of fear and safety the Walls have given people. Just then, they both hear a voice calling out to Sharle; Kuklo and Sharle turn around and are stunned to see Xavi, who is just as surprised to see Kuklo still alive.

Xavi attacks Kuklo

Xavi attacks Kuklo

Kuklo and Xavi draw swords and begin to attack each other. Xavi insults his sister, calling her a disgrace to their family name; however, Xavi gives them both a rare glimpse at him showing mercy. He offers to let Kuklo live if Sharle agrees to return back home with him. When Kuklo refuses, Xavi blind-sides him, taunting that he has become a lot stronger since they last met. He offers Kuklo one more time to give him Sharle; even though Sharle tries to appease Xavi, Kuklo refuses again. Xavi tells Fuchs to not interfere this time; the latter obeys and holds back Sharle as Xavi and Kuklo cross swords once more.

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