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Tycio Tycio 14 days ago

congress censures Arizona representative in response to tweeting Attack on Titan video

Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen#November 2021 political controversy

Legendary timeline

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EZZTLI1 EZZTLI1 21 October


i'm here now lmao

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Shototodorokifan1323 Shototodorokifan1323 1 September

Top favorite characters and why

This blog is just my opinon. These are my favorite characters with the reasons why they are my favorites.

The first character is Levi, now Levi is my favorite not just becuase of his looks but his personality. I really love to watch characters like Levi gain character development but at the same time I like the kind of personality Levi has.

The second character is Hange, The reason behind Hange being my second favorite is because she is just awesome. There is really no other reason

My third favorite character is Mikasa, now Mikasa is my favorite because of her personality, one minute she is quite and then all of a sudden when she speaks it is just oh my Gawd.

And then my fourth favorite character is Sasha, like come on its Sasha, who doesn't l…

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Hey there Lol

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Moblitbcidkimweird Moblitbcidkimweird 13 July

“Toward the Tree on That Hill”

This is just my quick thoughts on this chapter. I liked it, but it did feel a bit rushed or kinda random. I liked seeing Levi say good bye and telling his friends they didn’t die in vain, and thought it was interesting how the ppl (Armin, Jean, Reiner, etc) became the peace ambassadors or something (can’t remember the word) but it was left on a clif hanger and I would have liked to see what happened after Ereh’s friends went to his grave anyways just a quick thought

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is levi going to die in season 4? :'(


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Elim3699 Elim3699 5 May

Oat chibi theater

Aot chibi theater is also called by "Fly Cadets Fly" best considers a comedy version of the original Attack on titan series or manga. It has 9 episodes or 24 days. It is very cute and funny story though it always have the same ending in every ep or day. The same characters are staring in fly cadets fly.

Sorry for the grammar mistakes and some spellings errors

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ChadErenErwinSmith ChadErenErwinSmith 28 April

Ngl Historia reiss is kinda cute

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Leben420 Leben420 27 April



i come from the battle cats wiki, and I really hate anime, but I need to know what happened to hiloh. If you know what happened, tell me and send link to blog or spam

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Https.cl0wnK Https.cl0wnK 26 April

About me/My Kins

Okay, so to get to know more about me I figured I'd share my kins and my interests!

Here are my kins-

  1. Reiner Braun (Attack on Titan)
  2. Isaac "Zack" Foster (Angels of Death)
  3. Katsuki Bakugou (My Hero Academia)
  4. Dream/Nightmare (Dream SMP)
  5. Wilbur Soot (Dream SMP)
  6. Technoblade (Dream SMP)
  7. Tommyinnit (Dream SMP)
  8. Miya Chinen (SK8 The Infinity)
  9. Satoru Gojo (Jujustu Kaisen)
  10. Megumi Fushiguro (Jujustu Kaisen)
  11. Killua (HxH)
  12. Hisoka (HxH)

So that is my list of Kins for right now, if you know who some of them are and how they act then you know how I act.

So next I'm going to share some of my triggers, there's not a lot of them but if you ask why something is on this list I will not tell you.

  1. Police
  2. Homophobia
  3. Racism

See? Told you not a lot. Next is a list of things that I like…

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PMO180 PMO180 20 April

Top 10 Favorite Characters (In Detail)

Listen, I know nobody cares who my favorite characters are and why but I'm trying to pass the time and also earn badges. Let's count down from ten to make it more exciting.

  • 1 Number 10
  • 2 Number 9
  • 3 Number 8
  • 4 Number 7
  • 5 Number 6
  • 6 Number 5
  • 7 Number 4
  • 8 Number 3
  • 9 Number 2
  • 10 Honorable Mention
  • 11 Number 1

Kenny is just funny. When you learn more about him he becomes a legitimate interesting character, but for me that's just a bonus. He's just a funny cowboy man. He loves booze and violence. He invented AP-ODM gear AND killed a bunch of MPs, which is cool because I hate the MPs.

But his relationship with Uri is sweet, how he was so moved at how Uri treated him with kindness that he devoted his life to being able to see the world as Uri does. And, in ways, his relat…

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90Jobble 90Jobble 14 April

"Toward the Tree on That Hill" Review

I think this chapter was a 9/10. It was a (contrevertail opinion incoming) good ending, but I wish it explained more about the recent events. I did like how it wasn't all great. Revealing that 80% of the world's population was killed added a bittersweet ending to the story. The only part I disliked was that not enough was revealed about the new world after The Rumbling.

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BlueBerry-Speaks BlueBerry-Speaks 10 April


So I've talked to a few of my friends, and we had different opinions about Falco, I decided to post some of these opinions and see what you think!

So lets start of with him as a person, if you've watched the Anime or read the Manga you know he has a crush on Gabi. He wants to protect her and will sacrifice his life to do so. As seen as he helped Gabi when she was shot at, came with her onto the aircraft even knowing it would be full of 'Devils of Paradis' (Sorry if I spelled it wrong) And when the Marleyan decided he would smack Gabi with a wine bottle knowing it had Zeke's Spinal Fluid. He would shorten his life to save her.

So this is my personal opinion. First of all- He is a lot like Eren, wanting to protect his friends no matter what. …

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Mivrelodica Mivrelodica 2 April

What if a mindless titan eats half of a titan shifter and another mindless titan eats the other half?

I have been meaning to ask this question for centuries. I have been re-watching the anime and watched how Armin became a titan and ate Bertholdt. I know that in order for the titan powers to be passed down, one must become a titan and eat the titan shifter. In this case, I wonder if a single titan shifter could split its powers to multiple inheritors, just like Ymir with her children and their children and so on. Can the number of titan shifters increase when this technique is practiced?

The tradition of only having one inheritor for each titan power have been practiced for many years, and I wonder if they can propagate the power of the titans more, just like what King Fritz did with Ymir's powers.

I hope you all acknowledge my question and …

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PMO180 PMO180 22 March

Sole Salvation Score

Sole Salvation is a 10/10 episode for me. Getting to know more about Zeke and to actually care and sympathize for him is an impressive feat. This is also a really good chapter.

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Notfunnyy Notfunnyy 10 March

All the animes i have watched since summer 2020

My first anime was MHA (My Hero Academia)

its a good anime, i recommend this anime to kids who are 11 and over!

Yuri On Ice

a good LGBTQ anime.Also a bit of yaoi? i recommend this to people over 12 years old.

Hunter x Hunter

4 seasons but worth it! a adventure anime, i recomend this to people over 12 years old.

The Seven Deadly Sins

SATE SATE SATE- Some demons but a good good anime some s3xual scenes but still good, I recomend this to 13 year old people and over!

Tokyo Ghoul

Watched it but I got bored after the first season.Made me uncomfy at the end of season 1, not for kids under 13

Bungou Stray Dogs

I liked this anime! I recomend this to people over 12!

Attack On titan


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LollyBird LollyBird 8 March

Thanks yams

thanks yams for making me want to gouge out my own heart with this latest chapter :)

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Firelyon55 Firelyon55 6 March

Attack on Titan 2 Final Battle Co-op!!!

If anyone wants to play Co-op globally, just either create a room or join one! My online name is Firelyon! :D

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LollyBird LollyBird 3 March

First time

This is like my first time contributing to a wiki s i'm excited to see how it'll turn out lol

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Elim3699 Elim3699 22 February

Eren yeager

Mikasa Ackerman : Eren thinks mikasa as his family, true she is the most important woman in his life after his mother. Eren find mikasa annoying at sometimes when she tries to forget her orders and go try to find eren any time. He has yelled at mikasa for treating him like a baby, her younger brother or an old man. Eren himself said that he was jealous of mikasa cause she was really strong and he was nothing compared to her. He still cares for mikasa. In season 2 mikasa confess her love eren thanking him for saving her and wrapping her scarf around her, this happened when mikasa's rib cage was crushed and eren couldn't transform. Dina Fritz titan was coming their way. Eren activates the coordinates because he punched a titan with royal b…

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KEI6OS KEI6OS 21 February

Floch character design

I honestly feel like his character design will come out during Episode 13, and it'll include him in the great coat

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Elim3699 Elim3699 20 February

Attack on titan

Attack on titan other wise known as Shingeki no Kyojin is an awesome series created by Hajime Isayama. A story which contains A lot of action, expulsions and a pinch of politics. It has an amazing plot and has a lot of plot twists. Attack in titan is in the big five ranking 2 under The anime series Death Note. Attack on titan's latest and final chapter is Chapter 139 Toward the tree on that hill. In the anime aot is currently in season 4 part 1. The relese date of the season 4 the final season part two is unknown. But claims to be relesed in winter 2022.

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El Piggy Verde El Piggy Verde 26 January


Hey guys. I'm El Piggy Verde, I was crying a little bit. I heard about the AOT ending, I guess amazing. But then I saw that the manga will end with 4 chapters, now there are 3. And you know what I discoveredm is that it will take few months for the manga to be finished. And someone told me to shut up because I just spoiled some episodes (screw u). I spoiled some episodes as I want.

According to the calendar, it says that the manga will end of April 9, but I know that I don't like to wait and I want to see all chapters. I don't care about patience and anything. It's useless. For me I just want to see some of the characters that are with a person, becuase that a LONELY PERSON WILL DIE OF LONELINESS!! WHAT IS WRONG HAJIME ISAYAMA!?! WHY ARE YO…

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Yuuggyykun28 Yuuggyykun28 16 January

How did I become AOT fan

One day I was searching on Netflix what good anime should I watch, then I saw this show and it is look interesting. When I saw this anime I watch the trailer but it is so eww, I can't watch this anime it it so violence and that titans is so ew, yuck! But when that day comes when I can't find anime I try to watch and I realize it is a goof anime to watch not so much violence and the enemy is not a titan but humans. Bty the titans are so funny!

What is the score of the Attack on Titan (Anime) for me?

  • Gender equality 10/10
  • Not so much violence 8/10
  • Good lessons 10/10
  • Story and the Plot 10/10
  • Good looking characters 9/10
  • Cleanliness and Neatness 7/10
  • Main character is not a villain 9/10
  • Soundtrack is good 10/10
  • Female lead in the story 9/10
  • Fantasy or Su…

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WaterKirby1994 WaterKirby1994 6 January

Final Season Thoughts

It still feels too soon for the final season to be showing on Toonami & from what I can tell by the episode numbering in Japan this far my fears that this season will be rushed seem to be reality. I was hoping we would get the pace of Seasons 1&2 with Volumes 23-26 being given at least 10 full episodes that would have the 1st of 3 intro themes. A few months ago I was under the impression that this series could stretch a lot further, & I'm still wanting this final season to be at least 33 episodes in length. The Rumbling Arc (Volume 31 onward) needs to be at least 13 episodes & I wouldn't be opposed to using filler to extend this season to 36 Episodes. I'm still hoping for this final season to feel like a fully fleshed out epic. I'm going t…

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Arminlovebot Arminlovebot 23 December 2020

the promised neverland and attack on titan

The promised neverland and Attack on titan are very similar and here's some things they have in common

1.The wall

2. The demons/titans

3. They both have 3 main characters and they almost have the same personality, Emma is like EREN. JAEGER , Ray is like Mikasa and Norman is like Armin

4. Ray betraying the others/ Reiner betraying the others

5. Emma is (well was) trying to stop norman to commit a genocide.. and the aot characters are also trying to stop EREN. JAEGER (I LOVE SAYING HIS NAME) to commit a genocide

YEAH that's all I guess...

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DietWater76 DietWater76 8 December 2020

The new opening is perfect for the Marley Arc

Ok so I know a lot of people don't like the new OP, but I am here to try and defend it. The lyrics have some really deep foreshadowing and the visuals show the horror of war and many themes are played around with War.

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Kylethefrisky Kylethefrisky 26 November 2020



what I’m writing for is a review of the flabbergasting AOT

AOT is really good with Titan designs and I love Titan GO TITANS!

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Shuyad Shuyad 16 August 2020

AOT'S titans in our world:possible or not?

I am pretty sure this question has come to your mind that whether titans (yes,those from attack on titan)  can exist or not...

Well , I may say yes and no

YES because-

·         SCIENCE IS GOD-Our current technology is somehow capable of doing genetic  engineering..which is the science  of evolving a living organism which may help in generating a 3-5 feet tall animal or human(however human evolution may take years).

·         WE ARE HUMANS- it is said that humanity is the most superior  nationality in the world...which will also lead to  us getting the power to control titans afterall our technology is so advance that if titans exist ,it is them who will get wiped off as our brains are pretty smart to determine a titans weakness is present in it…

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La-Artist322 La-Artist322 22 July 2020

Isn't she part of the Reiss family as well?

To be quite honest and starting with, about this character who's the mother of an illegitimate child.

I know the fact she did not care about her daughter and regretting her birth. I mean, I get it about her been killed for her not been nothing to do with Rod anyway, I mean he gets children with two wifes (first wife: 5 – second wife: 1). But there's another thing, I feel like something that nobody talks about, like isn't Alma, an escort woman who became a lover to the lord, part of the Reiss family? I mean she IS married and bless a child with him, I mean, Rod has two wifes, like it can be a thing right? I mean, like the Jaeger family, both of them each has two wifes, who Grisha married to two woman.

If that's the case, than what wouldn't ma…

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MWAsura MWAsura 29 June 2020

Levi as a Titan shifter

If Levi were to inherit one of the Nine Titans (assuming Ackermanns could) which Titan would be best for him?

I personally think the Jaw Titan would be the perfect choice for him, it's small and extremely fast and agile and not for support purposes like the Cart Titan and because of that I think it would fit Levi since being insanely agile using ODM gear is one of his skills

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UxknownGaming UxknownGaming 27 June 2020

Attack On Titan OST

Which OST is your favorite in Attack On Titan?

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Eden Ushinatta Eden Ushinatta 30 May 2020

The duality in Attack on Titan aka how the series will end

In this blog post i will present my theory concerning the ending of Attack on Titan. I will be providing evidence regarding the fates of the main cast, the world and the general direction of the plot. This will be a long post, so be prepared for a lot of reading.

It has been very clear for a long time now that Isayama loves to pit concepts against each other, showing the place that it's one has in the characters and the world he has created. There can be no better example than Mikasa's personal understanding of the universe she lives in: "This is a cruel world, yet so beautiful". This right here is the essence of the series. Time and again, it's proven to be true. In Attack on Titan, it's only the winners who survive. So, what does that mea…

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Leviicy Leviicy 23 December 2019

keeping up with levi wifey

Tbh the first time I watched attack on titan I just loved levi i mean who don't? he just soooooo cute and ughhhhhh me and my sisters always fangirl over him


oh my ig story I posted a post saying "I got into anime help me with some anime moves/show and this always copy me likeeeeee I saw her doing the same thing on her story I know I shouldn't be petty but I can't help it my whole family is petty

anyways stay for tunee

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Tsvm3xxxx Tsvm3xxxx 30 November 2019

Ending theory for Aot

I think its weird that Eren says Zeke`s euthanasia plan is messed up and then comes up with a genocide plan killing the entire world outside paradis island. I think its his plan, but not his complete plan like it seems at the moment. This is because i dont see Isayama making the lelouch ending. At least thats what i am hoping for, because he can do better ;). It`s a combined theory of so many theories i heard or read on youtube so far.

So here`s my Ending Scenario:

Eren will use the rumbling to kill all the armies of marley and other nations who will attack paradise island after Eren activated the Rumbling. Eren is unstoppable with his army of collosal titans and kills a huge amount of arriving soldiers, tanks, planes, ships... and then want…

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LeviAckerman77 LeviAckerman77 16 October 2019


hey guys, you like my cosplay I've have some good ones.

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Bobz1234 Bobz1234 23 August 2019

Why Eren hates himself and not Mikasa


Basically my theory is that when Eren tells Mikasa he hated her for always clinging to him because of her Ackerman instincts . . .

1 . He said this to push her away so she wouldn't get in the way of his plans and try to stop him .

2 . He wanted to try to get her to break her habit of constantly trying to protect him once and for all because in truth , he desperately wants to be the one to protect her instead but he ' s never felt strong enough when compared to her .

3 . He wanted to let her know that he was hurt to find out that the only reason why she shows that she cares about him ( he thinks and I believe he ' s wrong ) is because she is being " controlle…

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ChillPassiveDom ChillPassiveDom 5 July 2019

So,how DO u guys think Attack on Titan science(for ze titans) works?

Ive read part of the manga,(60 to 118) and  to 119,(Don't worry I won't spoil),so while I'm w8ing for 120,but where does all this titanic power come from.The course of living things?,the devil,ymir turning to a god and all that.But my questions are pretty direct,and yes,I know how stupid my question is

1.What could also be in a Titan's syringe? (Sides Spinal Fluid)

2.Can this implemented in real life?

3.Why hasn't Eren made a move on Mikasa on chapters before the 4 year time skip

4.Couldn't Eren just find Historia and use the Titan Power to end this.

And finally

Will Attack on Titan end by Euthanasia?

Anyways,I'm aware of the stupidity in this question.

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La-Artist322 La-Artist322 30 June 2019

Restorationists members

The Eldian Restorationists, so like we got Eren Kruger, a Eldian posing-spy as Marley Soldier, And we got some civilians, you got Grisha Yeager, his wife Dina Fritz, and their fellow comrades, Grice and some unnamed man.

  • 1 Founder and Members
    • 1.1 Titan shifters
    • 1.2 Pure Titans
    • 1.3 Victim

  • Eren Kruger (792832), A founder of this Restorationists and a holder of Attack Titan which it will give to Grisha Yeager
  • Grisha Yeager (806845), One of the members of the Restorationists, a holder of Attack Titan after eating Eren Kruger as a Pure Titan

  • Dina Fritz (807850), One of the members of the Restorationists and Grisha Yeager's first wife
  • Peering Titan (788850), One of the members of the Restorationists

  • Grice (805832), One of the members of the Restorationi…

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AlternisLiz AlternisLiz 3 April 2019


Hello my name is Liz and I am twenty two years old. I first was introduced to Attack on Titan at age 16 when a friend from school showed Guren no Yumiya to me via Facebook message while playing Pokemon X one night. At the time eveyone was talking about it all over social mediea. When I saw the intro and heard the music I was like "What is this?" I honestly did't really know what to make of it. The lyrics to Guren no Yumiya seemed strange to me and the titans being naked seemed really freaky. The only anime I had watched were Pokemon and Bakugan and was watching my first "grown up" anime, InuYasha. So I really wasn't familiar with everything yet and was still getting used to nudity in anime. After my friends kept telling to watch the show, …

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Breezyt0616 Breezyt0616 2 April 2019

My thoughts on anything AoT

So obvi, I like AoT. But honestly, I like the Junior high series better. It has more humor and is less serious. Hate me if you want but this is just how I feel. I still love the main AoT series though. And I'm not biased against anyone who disagrees with me. And don't get me started on ym list of favorite characters. that would take an hour to actually list out to be honest. But above all, Levi is literally my favorite chaaracter. But Hange is second. She's so great with her titan obsession. And I feel like I see that more in the Junior high series. her and her weird titan toenail clippings. I do question her sanity though. And even though Annie did kill Petra, she's an okay character. I would like her backstory though. well that is if the…

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AutisticMG AutisticMG 14 March 2019

Attack on Titan Upcoming Chapter Prediction.

Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Annie, Reiner, Historia, Pieck, Porco, Gabi, and Falco, vs the Yeagerist, The SC and Marley/Hizurisu. Mainly cause the shifters removing the subjects of Ymir and Ymir's Curse forever. and Eren did say he wants to help Gabi with Falco by sending a fake distress call back to Marley, to get The Warriors on the island. I think that the warriors would help get rid of the curse due to the deaths of those close to them.    

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DarknessLord32 DarknessLord32 12 March 2019

How long until the end?

As Anime-only I want to know how many chapters you think will be until the end of the manga?

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Breezyt0616 Breezyt0616 12 March 2019


get this, Levi is best boy. He is great and I love him so much, Don't say that Eren is better because he's not. thank you for reading this garbage. Breezy out. What the fricc did I just write?!! AHHHHH. The cringe. But still, Levi is best boy.

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KiraMeansKillerInJapanese KiraMeansKillerInJapanese 11 March 2019

How Fans Are Being Too Hard On Isayama

Every Attack On Titan fan fan will tell you, Isayama heartlessly and thoughtlessly kills off fan favorites. But this is not really true. Everyone was mortified when Sasha died, we are all trying desperately to discover if Levi is alive or not, but the statistica are not in the favor of these cases. Logically speaking, given the low survival rates on this show, how is it even possible that the only dead 104 survey corps members are Sasha, Bertolt, and Ymir? The latter two shouldn't even count! The truth is, Isayama is actually thinking a lot about this. Sasha was supposed to die a lot earlier, but her popularity gave her a few extra years to live! Its also likely Isayama doesn't even know if Levi is alive, and he is using the uncertainty to…

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OctoRift OctoRift 11 February 2019

Why The Cart Titan Should've Been a Regular Titan

I think that the Cart Titan should have just been a regular Titan.  The Cart Titan has absolutely nothing special about it (other than hardening, which most Intellegent Titans have)  There have been several Quadrupedal Titans seen in Attack on Titan, one of which being MUCH bigger and faster than the Cart Titan (The one that chased Sasha in the Female Titan arc)  If the Quadrupedal was just a regular Titan with intellegence, then there could've been an interesting story for another unique Titan.  Who knows it could've even had it's own arc just like the Female Titan did.  

TL;DR  The Cart Titan is a waste of an Intellegent Titan and easily could've easily been a Pure Titan

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Secretagent123 Secretagent123 19 December 2018

the military police( the real veterans of wall Sina speak)

welcome.... my name is secretagent 123 and my favorite charcter is annie leonhardt ( aka the female titan) and my favorite organization is the military police but the scouts are ranking second to me. WARNING:  THIS BLOG IS FOR 


thank you to anima uproar and watch mojo who on youtube have helped promote the show. i incourage people to talk to me and correct me if i am wrong as well as ask any questions. furthermore i only focus on the anima so no manga allowed. also this is not a real time answering so it may take me awhile to get to you. anyway injoy.

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TheMagicalWonders TheMagicalWonders 10 November 2018

Chapter Coincidences

Recently, I've been seeing a few noteworthy coincidences. I'm not sure if this is the translators having fun or on purpose, but it is quite amusing to find these patterns.

In Children of the Forest Mr. Blouse shares the spotlight with Nicolo. His birthday was November 9th, which was the date of the chapter's Japanese release. Last chapter, Floch brought Eren a cloak and has a semi-significant role. His birthday is October 8th, which coincides with the day the chapter was released in English. "Guides" was released in English a day after Hange's birthday, who has an important role in half of the chapter. "A Sound Argument" was released a week after Reiner's birthday, and the pattern cuts off there.

Then there is the situation with the A and V …

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Neetaku Neetaku 9 October 2018

A (Better) Rewrite of Attack on Titan

I've written a blog like this before, but I've recently been mulling over a bunch of things, and feel like I can make a better, more complete blog with the ideas I currently have. Since I've written this before, I'll just be copying and pasting my intro from my last blog here:

So, I don't really have a grand way to introduce this, aside from a few disclaimers about it:

1: The purpose of this blog is not to spend a lot of time complaining and moaning about Attack on Titan's story. One poorly-thought-out arc aside, the series is still one of the better manga series currently in serialization.

2: I am very much aware of the fact that the story Isayama has delivered so far is probably a few leagues better than any sort of fanfiction I could possi…

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TheMagicalWonders TheMagicalWonders 30 August 2018

Population of the Walls

I'm not exactly sure if this is the purpose of a blog post. I might've been told before, but if that's the case, I've certainly forgotten. I've been looking around on the Wiki for a place to stick this, and I've finally landed on my blog space.

I've been curious about the population inside the walls for a while (I'll be including the Wall Titans and deceased Pure Titans too). My guess is that in total, there are probably some million Eldians on the island. I know there will be a bunch of inconsistencies, but oh well (that's inevitable, and given the amount of  information we have... it's not very likely that everything's consistent).

We'll start with the Wall titans. Based off of Rikao Yanagita's calculations, there should be close to 600,00…

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