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The Blouse family (ブラウス家 Burausu-ke?) is a quaint, Eldian family living in the southern territory of Wall Rose, Dauper village. They specialize in hunting, but food has been scarce ever since the Titans invaded other districts of the Walls.[1] More recently, the family has taken to running stables, where orphaned and homeless children help out as farmhands.[2]


Sasha and her father

Sasha Blouse grew up with her family living near the woodland. There she learned how to hunt and scavenge for food, which sums up her to-date knowledge for survival when in similar situations such as her own.

In the year of 847, Sasha had a life-changing dispute with her father. He reasoned with her saying that she was full of cowardice for blaming the loss of land and food on others without opening her mind to the circumstances. Thus, Sasha left to join the Military with a motive to prove her father wrong.[3]


104th Training Corps arc

Sasha joins the 104th Training Corps in 847. She exhibits good athleticism and quick wits, but her uncanny intuition suggests that she is not fit for group operations.[4]

Battle of Trost District arc

Sasha joins the Survey Corps

In the year of 850, Sasha executes a final training mission in Trost District a day before their disbanding ceremony. She inconspicuously steals meat from the barracks and hides it in her uniform, offering to share it among her peers. However, Trost is under attack by Titans following the breach in its Wall the Colossus Titan inflicted and Sasha partakes in Armin's plan to reclaim HQ to secure their mission.[5] The night of their graduation commences, and Sasha graduates ninth of her class. She elects to join the Survey Corps[6] where she participates in the 57th expedition beyond the Walls.[7]

Clash of the Titans arc

Sasha receives a brief look from her father after three years

Sasha patrols the southern villages' remains of Wall Rose, including hers. She notes that she will soon be unable to return to Dauper. She finds and rescues a young girl from a Titan who is rescued by Mr. Blouse and his troop of horsemen, unbeknownst to Sasha. She meets her father riding along with said troop, which she joins and is welcomed back home.[8]

The Uprising arc

Sasha becomes part of Levi Ackerman's Special Operations Squad with a goal to protect Eren and Historia,[9][10] and participates in the coup d'état.

Marley arc

Sasha is fatally wounded

Sasha partakes in the Survey Corps' surprise attack on Liberio, and assists in taking down the Cart Titan.[11] Whilst retreating in an airship following the battle's victory, Sasha is shot by a young girl, and dies of her wounds shortly thereafter.[12]

War for Paradis arc

A few days later, a funeral is held for Sasha alongside the other seven soldiers to die in the operation.[13] Her parents and Kaya visit her grave, where a Marleyan POW offers to cook for them.[14]

A stables owned by the Blouse family, where orphaned and homeless children help out as farmhands, is visited by two children who introduce themselves as "Ben" and "Mia." After the two ask to stay at the farm for a few days, Mr. Blouse tells them to stay as many days as they need. Lisa Blouse makes breakfast for the children, incidentally confusing Gabi by her generosity.[15][16]

Sasha's parents refuse to kill Gabi

Mr. Blouse takes his entire family, including Ben and Mia, to Niccolo's restaurant with him. They all enjoy the food, with Blouse and his wife being moved to tears by the taste. In the middle of eating Ben and Mia leave, claiming that Ben has a stomach ache. Blouse and his family continue eating, but are interrupted when Niccolo emerges from the wine cellar with them, holding an unconscious Ben and tossing a bloodied Mia to them. Blouse is bewildered by Niccolo's behavior, and is shocked to learn that Mia is the one who was responsible for killing Sasha. Niccolo offers him a knife to execute her, claiming that he will do it himself if Blouse refuses. Blouse takes the knife from Niccolo and gives it to his wife, claiming that he is more responsible for Sasha's death than Mia, as he was the one who sent her away from their village.[17]

As Niccolo is restrained by members of the Survey Corps, Blouse and his wife tend to Ben's injuries with Hange Zoë. As he goes to check on Mia as well, Kaya tries to kill her with Niccolo's knife, and Blouse is forced to restrain her with his wife to keep Mia safe.[18] A short while later, a group of Yeagerists led by Floch Forster enter the restaurant and force the Survey Corps into carriages. They also take the members of the Blouse family due to them being witnesses to the situation.[19]


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