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Ever hear the phrase "Mercy is weakness, strength is truth"?

No, but I did find a much better quote while searching for that one.

"Violence is weakness. True strength comes not through brutality and savagery, but through tenderness, mercy and grace."

Jean was absolutely right when he said that most of the world's problems stem from people not talking to each other.

Not that I overly buy into that quote, but I'm curious about the source of it. The one I gave was from a historical drama based on the Culper Ring during the Revolutionary War. Ironically the quote was from one of the British soldier "characters" (I say that loosely because they're all based on real people) and the dude was a vicious savage (albeit an entertaining one), but that quote in particular really stuck with me since that's the kind of world we live in today.

It's a quote by a guy named Mango Wodzak. Seems he is a fruitarian (people who only eat fruit, nuts, and seeds) and author from Queensland, Australia. Never heard of him until I was looking up your quote and found his.

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