EthanPHX wrote: If the allience succeeds then Paradis is done for.  I seriously do not get how Hange doesn't realize it.  Disrespectful for her to assume Erwin would be for the allience.  Hange used to be my favorite character but post time skip her character got ruined with compasion along with everyone else, ESPECIALLY Armin.  How the hell does Armin go from "In order to rise above monsters, you must abandon your humanity" to GUYS LETS JUST TALK IT OUT!!!!!  Post-time skip Armin is a little bitch and only proves to us that Kenny (haha you thought I was gonna say Erwin) should have gotten the serum.  I really don't get how the remaining Scouts are agreeing to side with the same people who want them dead.  It's so selfish for the Scouts to fight for Marley because they are effectively fucking over the whole island by doing so.

Floch is the only good person left from the 104th since he is fighting for his OWN country.

Maybe because they don't want the entire world's population to be murdered?

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