Drivebladesman wrote:

CaptFredricks wrote:

Anyway, I think the point Drivebladesman was getting at is to essentially mind control all Eldians so they all follow the same goal (just like the Borg do). Not saying I agree with that idea, but that seems to be what they were suggesting.

Yeah, you got that right.  Though I also should mention that the reason I want Eren to turn the Eldians into the Borg and exterminate all normal humans (who cannot be brainwashed) is because that would be a great way of ridding humanity of all of its failings (from inability to learn from mistakes to degeneracy) for all eternity.

Glad I didn't misinterpret your meaning!

I don't want that kind of ending, because Eren would literally be guilty of mass genocide and nobody would even be able to bring him to justice because the survivors would all have their memories wiped. I'm okay with a rather bleak ending, but I think that's a little too bleak.

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