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Penguinluver1431 wrote: I dunno, I think that ending would be considerably better than just Cringevengers using the power of friendship to stop Eren without the Warriors ever facing consequences for their crimes and continue their delusion of uniting the world and stopping the persecution of Eldians...even though it's clear they'll just wipe out Paradis anyway if the Rumbling is stopped. So yeah, i greatly prefer everyone outside the island being exterminated, and though I was initially against the idea of having the survivors' minds wiped, it would probably be the only way for the Cringevengers to actually be allowed back onto the island since they're essentially betraying their own people.

This is not an instance of "the power of friendship" saving the day. Or have you forgotten how Jean beat Reiner's face in and said he could never forgive him, or Magath still mostly being an asshole?

Well now that 128 is out i can tell you they made Magath do a heel turn real quick, jumping right back into the same "everyone is redeemable" crap that most Japanese media falls under. Want to keep telling me the "friendship power" dogma isn't polluting the story? 

Daz and Samuel would like a word. Oh wait, they can't talk because Connie killed them. So yeah, no power of friendship saving the day. Magath simply admitted that Marley was just as guilty as Eldia and that he had no right to blame them when both sides have committed the same sins.

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