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EthanPHX wrote: It's a Gabi hater, don't bother reasoning with them it's worthless

I'm just wondering if this wiki has a rule against using a term that's seen as extremely derogatory towards women, even if it was used against a fictional one.

Okay then, if 'the c-word' bothers you that much, we'll just call her a bitch, a brat, Hitler youth, Nazi, Mary Sue, snake, and/or self insert.

But it's getting real annoying watching some people go to troll-ish lengths to defend their loli waifu (something else we can call her beside the c-word) and trying to force us to 'understand' her side of the story when we don't actually care about it. Nor should we have to.

Who said anything about her being our "loli waifu"? I do like her as a character (more so since her redemption), but that's taking things too far dude. Maybe it looks that way to someone who literally wants her to die a horrific death and hates her very existence. Maybe you should take a moment of self-reflection and figure out why you have so much pent up anger at a character that hasn't done anything worse than any of the other main characters have done.

That's all I have to say on the subject. If you change your attitude and are willing to have productive conversation about her character beyond "sHe'S a MaRy SuE" and "she's a bitch for killing Sasha and deserves death" then I'll engage with you again, but until then I'm done having this discussion.

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