Attackcjc wrote: Also, just a theory on my part: Hanje can only see the steam of the titans in the distance, but not what they're actually doing.  She's only infereing they're destroying, but what if the steam is a literal smokescreen?  As with all the evidence that there is that his plan isn't to rumble the world, least of all how it doesn't add up with his development, what if he wants the "avengers" to think Marley is being destroyed, but there just standing there emitting smoke? This sounds weird I know, but Eren has literally said post-time skip to Reiner, in the same moment the latter remembered this chp, that he no longer sees the whole world as enemies, so why would he kill all of them? 

The destruction of Marley hasn't been confirmed yet, and I doubt Isayama would leave something like that up for debate if the city was going to be destroyed anyway. Plus, its ironic that Eren didn't choose to destroy Marley back in chp 100-04, when he literally had the city by the throat, and could've left it in the same state that the warriors left his hometown in years before.

Great points!

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