Drivebladesman wrote:

Penguinluver1431 wrote:

-Magath suddenly apologizing for being a POS, as if that will erase his crimes. Like the rest of the Warriors, it's too late for Magath to suddenly be "redeemed" after what he's done, and it's insulting that he will be seen as some brave and strong person for finally figuring out Eldians did nothing wrong.

As someone who hated Magath for being patriotic to a country of evil, I gotta say that, assuming he's genuinely remorseful, you should be more willing to forgive him or at least wait and see what he does to possibly atone for it.  Plus, because of that, my hate toward him as toned down considerably.

It's no use. Penguinluver considers Sasha's father a coward for forgiving Gabi. There's absolutely no chance of him forgiving Magath.

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