Boys, Girls, and Written Exams (筆記試験と少年少女 Hikki Shiken to Shōnen Shōjo?) is the 10th chapter of the 1st volume and the 10th chapter overall of the Spoof on Titan manga, written and illustrated by hounori.


Sasha Blouse and Connie Springer are worried about passing their exams. They get help from Marco Bott and Reiner Braun.


Connie sees Sasha studying with Marco

Connie sees Sasha studying with Marco

Sasha tells Marco that she had to endure a horrible punishment after her last test, and she begs him to help her study. Though initially surprised, Marco agrees.

Connie sees them studying together and Sasha reminds him that he was buried in the ground up to his neck after his performance on the last exam. This time Connie intends to have Armin tutor him, but when he checks, he discovers that Armin is already booked for the rest of the year.

Annie tells Armin that it must be rough for him with all the teaching he has to do, and Armin says that he gets to benefit too. He shows her the large sack of bread he has earned from tutoring everyone.

Meanwhile, Sasha is getting discouraged, but Marco tells her that she is almost done. If she can hang on to the end, he will give her his breakfast bread. Now motivated, Sasha drools and keeps studying.

Reiner points out the best cheat sheet

Reiner tells Connie about the cheat sheet inside his head

Connie panics, however, and says he will need to make a cheat sheet. Reiner tells Connie that the most undetectable cheat sheet is the one he keeps in his head. Then he can look any time and the instructor will not find out. Connie declares Reiner a genius.

After the exam, Sasha and Connie are both happy with their scores. Sasha is surprised that she did better than Marco and tells him that next time she can teach him. Conne shares his good news with Eren and claims it was due to the cheat sheet in his head. Keith Shadis overhears the words "cheat sheet" and as punishment both Reiner and Connie are buried in the ground. Reiner is upset and Connie is apologetic. Reiner tells him that what he did was not even cheating.

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