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Braus Stables is a location found in Dauper, home to the Braus family and many orphan refugees, including Kaya.[1]


War for Paradis arc

After their escape from prison, Gabi Braun and Falco Grice meet Kaya, who asks where they came from so early in the morning. Gabi says they ran away from home as she reaches for a rock to throw, but Kaya accepts her answer and invites them to eat at her home.

When they arrive at the rural house where Kaya lives, she asks them to wait outside. Gabi notices the corralled horses nearby and suggests escaping on one before the soldiers catch up with them. She also does not want to eat alongside "devils," but Kaya quickly calls them in and Falco tells Gabi to let him do the talking.

Artur Braus welcomes Gabi and Falco

Falco introduces them to the Braus family as siblings Ben and Mia and offers to work if the family will let them stay for a few days. Artur Braus welcomes them and says there is no need for them to bow. They can stay as long as they like and he invites them to breakfast.

They sit down and Lisa Braus tries to pat Gabi on the head, only for Gabi to push her arm away in horror. Though the other children at the table are shocked, Lisa apologizes, saying that Gabi must have been through a lot. Falco apologizes as well and digs into his breakfast in an attempt to break the tension. He tries to get Gabi to eat as well, and she reluctantly takes a bite.

Gabi and Falco clean the stables when Gabi is unfortunately bitten on the head by a horse. Falco doubts there is a horse that would let her ride it, and she retorts that she was not trained to ride one anyway. Gabi does not like staying here because she does not feel they will learn anything, but Falco thinks it is better than roaming around. They can wait for help since he believes that eventually the outside world will attack the island.

Kaya calls them to lunch and says they are quick learners. When Falco asks, she explains that the reason so many of the workers here are young is because they are all orphans, having lost their parents four years ago. Gabi takes this moment to say that Kaya has not accepted her guilt and asks if she has forgotten the atrocities committed by the people of the island.

Falco tries to get Gabi to stop pushing the issue while Kaya asks if that is what they teach in Marley. Startled, Falco asks how she knows and Kaya says they have been yelling it out loud. Gabi grabs a pitchfork and prepares to attack Kaya when Falco intervenes, trying to get her to stop. When other farmhands notice the two struggling, Kaya covers for them, saying that "Mia" is jealous and thinks Kaya is trying to steal her brother.[1]