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The Braus family (ブラウス家 Burausu-ke?) is a family of hunters living in Dauper, a settlements in the territories of what were the Wall Rose. It is the family where Sasha Braus hails from.[1]


The Fall of Shiganshina arc

Sasha's father argued with his daughter, telling her not to eat the meat that was saved for the winter. After he failed, he explained his daughter the reason why it was important to keep the food: after the fall of Wall Maria, many refugees had come to Wall Rose's lands. They started to hunt animals making their number decline, hunting the preys that belonged to hunters' villages, like Dauper.[1]

He even thought about giving the forest to them so that they could make fields, while the hunter's tribe started taking care of horses. This idea disgusted Sasha, who said that they should not stop living like they do just because of the newcomers. Sasha's father saw his daughter's point, but he did agree with her, and said that it was more important to take care of the people, rather than living all alone. He finally stated that he wanted to live with his clan, even if it meant to change their way of life. Sasha, angered, enlisted in the Military in retaliation.[1]

Clash of the Titans arc


Sasha's father and Sasha reunite after three years

Three years later, Sasha comes to her village, only to find it ravaged by Titans. After helping one little girl to escape from one of them, she sees her father riding a horse. He sees her too, seeming very surprised and screaming her name. He gives her and the kid that she had saved a horse. They start talking, and Sasha's father explains that they have been giving horses to the nearby people. He also expresses how surprised he is to see that the person that saved the child was Sasha. He finally states that she has become a splendid person, making her smile and accept her home.[1]

Marley arc

In the year 854, Kaya and the Braus family visit Sasha's grave. As they are paying their respects, a Marleyan prisoner of war introduces himself to the family. He tells them that Sasha ate his meals the most and offers to cook for them someday.[2]

War for Paradis arc

After returning to their home, Kaya goes for a walk and returns with two children who she found in the woods. Falco introduces them to the Braus family as siblings Ben and Mia and offers to work if the family will let them stay for a few days. Artur welcomes them to the Braus Stables and allows them to say for however long they need.

They sit down and Lisa Braus tries to pat Gabi on the head, only for Gabi to push her arm away in horror. Though the other children at the table are shocked, Lisa apologizes, saying that Gabi must have been through a lot. Falco apologizes as well and digs into his breakfast in an attempt to break the tension. He tries to get Gabi to eat as well, and she reluctantly takes a bite.[3]

Mr. Braus takes his entire family, including Falco and Gabi, to Nicolo's restaurant with him. They all enjoy the food, with Artur and his wife being moved to tears by the taste. In the middle of eating Falco and Gabi leave, claiming that Falco has a stomach ache. Artur and his family continue eating, but are interrupted when Nicolo emerges from the wine cellar with them, holding an unconscious Falco and tossing a bloodied Gabi to them. Artur is bewildered by Nicolo's behavior, and is shocked to learn that Gabi is the one who was responsible for killing Sasha. Nicolo offers him a knife to execute her, claiming that he will do it himself if Artur refuses. Artur takes the knife from Nicolo and gives it to his wife, claiming that he is more responsible for Sasha's death than Gabi, as he was the one who sent her away from their village.[4]

As Nicolo is restrained by members of the Scout Regiment, Artur and his wife tend to Falco's injuries with Hange Zoë. As he goes to check on Gabi as well, Kaya tries to kill her with Nicolo's knife, and Artur is forced to restrain her with his wife to keep Gabi safe.[4] A short while later, a group of Jaegerists led by Floch Forster enter the restaurant and force the Scout Regiment into carriages. They also take the members of the Braus family due to them being witnesses to the situation.[5]


Political Members


  • Braus (Brauss) comes from the German saying "in Sauß und Brauss leben", meaning "to live off the fat of the land", a phrase she herself quotes.