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Burning Bright in the Forests of the Night (進撃の巨人 ぬばたまの夜の森に、あかあかと燃ゆる Shingeki no Kyojin: Nubatama no Yoru no Mori ni, Akaaka to Moyuru?) is a visual novel written by Gun Snark. It was released on December 18, 2013 in Japan and bundled with sixth anime Blu-ray.


Part One

Eren Yeager looks on in horror at the Female Titan's slaughter of Squad Levi. Recalling the words of Captain Levi, he turns his wrath on the Titan as he transforms into his own Titan.

Part Two

Elsewhere in the Titan Forest, Captain Levi overhears Eren's Titan roar. He turns to approach the sound, coming to the realization that there must have been a great loss. In order to overcome a monster, Eren had surpassed his humanity, becoming a monster himself.

Part Three

During the trial of Eren Yeager before the military tribunal, Levi does not hesitate to beat Eren to buy time for the Survey Corps. He wonders over the necessity of the action, concluding that it is a soldier's way to resort to violence, with no other choice to be had. Despite the assault, Eren's will is unyielding. Levi understands Eren's strength of spirit, seeing him as an entirely new kind of monster.

Earlier, in the jails beneath the courtroom, Eren makes it clear that he wishes to join the Survey Corps and kill Titans. Levi is impressed.

Part Four

In the custody of the Survey Corps, Eren is put to cleaning tasks whenever he is not the subject of Hange Zoë's experiments. Eren speaks with the different members of Squad Levi. He speaks with Petra Ral about Captain Levi, noting the strangeness of his character. Oluo Bozado berates Eren for not seeing the "essence" of the matter, being on a different level than his superiors. Eld Jinn claims that cowardice is, in a way, the essence of a soldier, ensuring survival through many battles. Gunther Schultz claims that being a soldier means using everything to one's advantage to stay alive. He notes that they follow Captain Levi for this reason, and entrust their lives to him. Petra says that the soldiers must operate as an organization to make up for each others' shortcomings. Eren notices the bite marks on all of their hands, penance for doubting him in the past.

Part Five

The members of Squad Levi share their thoughts on Eren with Captain Levi. Eld trusts in Eren's abilities. Oluo says that Eren has a long way to go, but believes that with his help he can improve. Gunther is anxious about Eren's Titan powers, but trusts his strength of will. Petra notes that Eren has gotten used to the squad, and she believes they will become even greater with him among them. Levi thinks to himself that while he trusts Eren's ability, no one will be able to change Eren's nature.

Part Six

In fiery spirit, Eren's strength of will is refined into something purer, making him into the perfect monster.

Part Seven

Eren's mind is filled with regret at his choice which led to the deaths of his comrades. Filling himself with resolve, he is determined to make himself into the monster that is needed to slay other monsters.

Part Eight

It is stated that humans were not meant to fly, but in trying times humanity defied their nature and took to flight to overcome the cruelty of the world.

Levi and Mikasa Ackerman rescue Eren from the Female Titan, injuring Levi's leg in the process. Levi worries over the situation and wonders about Eren's choice.

Part Nine

It is restated that the nature of human instinct and life itself is to avoid loss, and to go against this is to surpass humanity.

In the aftermath of the battle of Trost District, Eren looks upon Levi's Wings of Freedom.

Part Ten

The story concludes with an excerpt from the first two stanzas of the poem "The Tyger" by William Blake.



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