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Caged Ball (籠中の夜宴 Kochū no Yaen?) is the 4th and final chapter of the 9th volume and the 32nd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


After fighting for some time, Xavi manages to deal a fatal blow to Kuklo and claims victory in their duel. After claiming Kuklo's sword to replace his destroyed one, Xavi then takes Sharle back to their home in Wall Sheena. Later during a social event, Sharle makes her debut in society and meets Xavi's superior, Gloria Bernhart.


Xavi cuts Kuklo

Kuklo and Xavi trade blows and the latter is surprised when his sword breaks under Kuklo's; he headbutts Kuklo and knees him in the gut. Before he can strike again, Kuklo dodges out of the way and flies to a nearby wall; as he aims one of the anchors at Xavi's head, he remembers how Xavi stated that everyone dies in Kuklo's presence. He falters and decides to aim above Xavi near where Sharle is. As he flies towards her, Kuklo loses his balance due to Xavi slicing the back of his right leg. Kuklo falls into a nearby river, knocked unconscious from the impact. Xavi declares victory as Sharle screams Kuklo's name. Fuchs gasses her and takes her back to his hideout while Xavi notes that his earlier wound from Matteus has reopened. Before leaving as well, Xavi throws his broken sword into the river and claims Kuklo's sword.

Back within the Inocencio home, Xavi is informed by Rixner that Sharle is having trouble adjusting back home and does not respond to any of the servants; Xavi believes it is just a phase and will eventually get out of her system. He arranges for Sharle to accompany him to a ball that evening as her debut to society. There, Sharle is introduced to an assemblyman named Pottering and his son Michael; Michael is instantly taken with Sharle. Noting Sharle's demeanor, Xavi tells them it is a response to supposedly living in a boarding house the last year before falling ill. After hearing a marriage proposal by Pottering, Sharle states that she needs more time; Xavi harshly reacts, but it is brushed aside by Pottering.

Xavi introduces Sharle to Gloria

Later, Sharle confronts Xavi with following in their father's footsteps on marrying her off to strengthen their social standing. Before Xavi can say more, Gloria Bernhart approaches them. Caught by surprise, Xavi notes her presence there as opposed to cleaning up the remaining members of the failed revolution. Gloria states that she is there with her uncle and that the remaining rebels have been dealt with; she then gives Xavi Matteus' old position of team leader. As she goes to leave, Gloria spots Sharle and asks Xavi about her. Nervous, Sharle introduces herself to Gloria. Gloria is pleased to meet her, but also wonders if they had met somewhere before.

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