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Call of Silence is the 5th track on disc 1 of the "Attack on Titan" Season 2 Original Soundtrack.

As with all the other pre-The Final Season OSTs, it was composed and arranged by Hiroyuki Sawano.

  • Lyrics by cAnON
  • Sung by Gemie.

Musical motifs

The track is a remix of eye-water, and therefore includes Call your name's bridge motif at 1:43-2:14. Sometimes, only the sustained string notes under the bridge motif are used.

All occurrences

  • Episode 30 - Ymir is almost devoured by the Titans (string notes)
  • Episode 34 - Hannes reassures Mikasa that they will get Eren back (string notes)
  • Episode 35 - In a flashback, Ymir lives as a Pure Titan
  • Episode 49 - Eren recalls the day that Sasha had stolen some meat, and the Colossal Titan arrived
  • Episode 83 - Conny and Armin bond over their shortcomings (string notes)
  • Special 2 and Episode 93 - Mikasa kisses Eren's severed head (string notes)


  • The syllables and words in parentheses are not pronounced by Gemie in her singing, but are included below for clarity.
  • The final lyrics of the song are not a misprint; the phrase "yet girt" is meant to be a homophone.

Don't you think (a)bout me enough?
I've been burning my heart out
(I've) got to face, need to tell you
I won't run (be)cause I'm reticent

You will know you're reborn tonight
Must be ragged, but I stay by your side
Even if my body's bleached to the bones
I don't want (to) go through that ever (a)gain

So cry no more, oh my beloved
Go (a)head, be proud and fight it out
You are the ONE, our rising star
You guide us far to home yet girt