Call your name is the 15th track in the original soundtrack album with lyrics by mpi and vocals by mpi and CASG. As with all the other OSTs, it was composed and arranged by Hiroyuki Sawano.

An alternate version sung by Gemie was produced for the end credits sequence of Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part One.


She lost her brother a month ago
His picture on the wall
And it reminds me
When she brings me coffee,,, her smile
I wish I could be with her until my last day

She said She gave all her love to me (I said I gave all my love to you)
We dreamt a new life (We dreamt a new house)
Some place to be at peace
But things changed,,, Suddenly
I lost my dreams in this disaster

I'm crying
Missing my lover
I don't have the power
On my side forever

Oh Where is my lover
And I got no power
I'm standing alone, No way
Calling out your name

We don't know what is wrong tonight
Everybody's got no place to hide
No one's left and there's no one to go on
All I know is my life is gone

Ending Animation

Annie Leonhart lays asleep in her Military Police Regiment uniform on silk sheets, memories of her past passing through her mind. First comes a scene of Marlo, Hitch, Boris, and Annie in Stohess. Further back, Annie is seen walking atop Wall Rose with many of her comrades in the 104th Cadet Corps.

Five years into the past, Annie stands among her true comrades, her fellow Warriors Bertholdt, Marcel, and Reiner. Before them lies empty forested hills, their destination of the Walls far beyond their sight. Further back in time, Annie stands alone in the rain beside a river in her distant hometown.

In present time, rays of sunlight break through the cloudy skies above Stohess District. With Wall Sina standing between her and the lands beyond, Annie looks up into the sunlight as the last drops of rain fall from above.

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