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Marleyan Military General
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Quote1 Though once the heroes who crushed the Eldian devils, look at what we've become. Quote2
— Calvi laments the decline of his nation's power[1]

Calvi (カルヴィ Karuvi?) was the general (元帥 Gensui?) of the Marleyan military forces.


Calvi was a lean man in his late middle age. He was well groomed and wore a unique uniform which featured a sash running diagonally from his right shoulder to his left waist, on top of the standard Marleyan tunic and shirt. He also wore four medals on his left chest, presumably indicating his position in the military hierarchy or past battle honors.


As an important leader of Marley's military force, Calvi was an authoritative figure to his subordinate officers, being able to demand answers from even Magath, commander of the Eldian unit of the Marley army. Being Marleyan by heritage, he was proud of his country's glorious history against the Eldian Empire, and was concerned with the upkeep of his nation's status and image. However, he was also shown to be aloof with his duties, showing visible boredom during military meetings.


Marley arc[]

Calvi considers Zeke's suggestion

Calvi considers Zeke's suggestion

At the conclusion of the Marley Mid-East War, Calvi presides over a meeting attended with Zeke Jaeger, Commander Magath, and other high-ranking officers of the Marley military. Calvi notes that the near-loss of the Armored and Beast Titans during the battle have hurt Marley's image to the rest of the world, and agrees with Magath that the nation will soon lose its status as a superpower due to the decreasing effectiveness of Titans in battle. Zeke proposes, as a solution, that the nation return its focus to conquering Paradis Island and retaking the Founding Titan, which Calvi approves.[1]

Calvi moments before his death

Calvi moments before his death

Calvi attends the Tybur family's festival in the Liberio internment zone along with a number of high-ranking military officers. He briefly discusses with a subordinate about the security of the event, which is handled by Magath. When Willy Tybur reveals the truth about the ancient King Karl Fritz, Calvi contemplates in the midst of hotly arguing officers. Willy's speech continues, culminating with a declaration of war against Paradis Island. At this time, the Attack Titan transforms, bursting through the stage and slaying Lord Tybur.[2] It then turns to Marley's military leaders, and Calvi can only solemnly stare as the Titan lunges into the crowd, crushing the officers.[3]