The Capital Mitras (王都 ミットラス Ōto Mittorasu?) is the capital city of Eldia, currently located within Wall Sina. It is also the residence of the Queen and upper-class citizenry.


Mitras, being the royal capital, is the cultural and economic center of the walls. The city is inhabited mainly by people from the upper class and close to the royal family, enjoying a rich, and quiet life far from the threat of the Titans.

It is the residence of the King and upper-class citizenry. One may also earn residency rights through meritorious service in the Garrison Regiment or Military Police Regiment, which is considered the sole means for the poor to gain safe refuge.[2]


The Uprising arc

Zachary announces the seizure of the government

Dhalis Zachary informs the crowd gathered about the current situation

After the arrest of Erwin Smith, the leader of the Scout Regiment, various officials gather to the capital in order to execute him. But the corrupt royal government is taken down and arrested by General Dhalis Zachary and his forces in a coup d'état. The population of Mitras is then gathered in order to be informed of the current situation within the Walls, with the corrupt government and the false King being placed under arrest, they are eager to learn the identity of the true royal family and the formation of a new military government.[3]

After the battle against Rod Reiss in Orvud District, Historia Reiss, the only remaining member of the true royal family, is crowned as the new queen in the royal capital during a coronation ceremony, with various military officials, and thousands of citizens cheering for her.[4]


  • According to Hange, the Capital Mitras has the highest population density within the Walls.[5]



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