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Quote1.png are just in the prologue of your nightmare...Mike! Quote2.png
— Nanaba and Gelgar plot

Capture That Bug! Burning Youth! (採れよ虫 燃やせ青春 Toreyo Mushi Moyase Seishun?) is the 5th chapter of the 3rd volume and the 21st chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Hange takes the Survey Club 2nd years to go bug catching. As Mike leads them through the woods, however, his nose gets a whiff of food and causes him to lose focus. Essentially stranded in the woods, Hange and the 2nd year students work with Mike to try and figure out the source of the smell.


Petra, Oluo, Eld and Gunther discuss seeing several posters around school advertising the summer festival. Petra expresses her desire to go to this year's event when Hange bursts through the door of the classroom. After hearing them talk about the festival (and being offered to go with them as a group), Hange vehemently refuses and insists they are going to the forest to collect bugs instead. Dejected, the others fail to persuade Hange and reluctantly agree to go.

Hange reveals Mike's strong sense of smell

Later on, Hange is the only one that seems excited and offers several rewards to entice the others. This fails and the others are about to leave when Mike discovers a giant scarab beetle. When the others ask how they found such a rare find so soon, Hange proudly admits that Mike's nose is highly sensitive and the previous year he found 20 bugs with its help. Suddenly, Mike discovers a scent that does not belong in the woods and goes to investigate.

Gelgar and Nanaba scheme

After catching an impressive amount of bugs, Hange and the others marvel on how fortunate they have been and decide to take one each as a pet. Meanwhile, Petra notices Mike by himself and learns he has discovered a man-made smell. This worries Hange as Mike's nose is the only way they can find their way out of the woods and the smell of food throws off his focus. Mike assuages their concerns by noting the source is close by, leading them towards it. The group discovers a bowl of grilled eel and Hange decides to eat it having not eaten anything the last several days in an attempt to save money for equipment. Not far away, Gelgar and Nanaba look on and vow to test Mike's resolve and that of the others.

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