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Cardina Baumeister (カルディナ・バウマイスター Karudina Baumaisutā?) is a student at Attack Junior High School.


Cardina has short, curly hair and large eyes. He wears a light long-sleeved shirt, dark pants with light shoes.


Cardina is very popular with the girls in school. He cares for the girls and tells them not to worry if he does marry Sharle Inocencio. He was willing to call off the engagement with Sharle out of Xavi Inocencio's concern. After Kuklo saves Cardina and the group of girls from being stabbed by Xavi's sword, Cardina is grateful and joins Sharle and Kuklo for lunch.


Cardina reassures the girls about his love for them

One day at home, Sharle Inocencio and Xavi Inocencio's father tells them that he has chosen a fiancé for Sharle, Cardina Baumeister. Upon hearing this news, Xavi gets enraged as Cardina has a reputation for leching after the girls in his class. When Xavi arrives at school, he tells Cardina that he is against the arraignment. When the girls hear that Cardina is getting married, Cardina tells them not to worry and that his heart will fly free no matter the outcome. Jealous over Cardina, Xavi insults Cardina's hair and runs out of the room with tears in his eyes.[1]

After hearing an argument between Xavi and Kuklo, Cardina comments about it being noisy outside the classroom. On encountering a furious Xavi, Cardina nonchalantly agrees to break off his wedding with Sharle. However, Xavi still envies him for having girls follow him around at all times and tries to attack him. Kuklo intervenes and shoves Xavi aside, and confronts Cardina about eating food from Sharle's house. Once again, Cardina clarifies that he was willing to break his engagement off with Sharle, and Kuklo is amazed at how easily he gave up the Inocencio's food.[2]

Xavi, still jealous of Cardina, gets up and lunges at Cardina with his sword, who dodges his attack, and the girls cheer him on. Embarrassed, Xavi decides to attack the girls, forcing Cardina to stand in front of them and tell Xavi to leave them alone. Kuklo intercepts the attack and punches Xavi, thus saving Cardina and the girls. Cardina hugs Kuklo out of gratitude and asks him his name. Cardina then calls off the engagement with Sharle and joins her and Kuklo for lunch.[3]

When an argument breaks out between Sharle and Kuklo, Cardina laughs at Kuklo for his naivety, and just as he is about to explain everything to Kuklo, an enraged Xavi threatens Kuklo with death for making Sharle cry. When Kuklo asks Xavi to tell him why Sharle cried, Xavi yells that it was the topic of bust size. Cardina says that was only a part of the reason for it, and the real reason Sharle cried was that Kuklo showed interest in another woman, rather than her.[4]


  • Xavi Inocencio - Xavi hates Cardina because he is jealous of Cardina's popularity with the ladies. Xavi also does not approve of Cardina's engagement with Sharle. After going mad with jealousy, Xavi attempts to attack Cardina with a sword.
  • Kuklo - Thinking that Cardina will eat all of Sharle's food, Kuklo becomes jealous and attempts to fight Cardina. Cardina tells Kuklo that he is willing to break off the engagement causing Kuklo to calm down. When Xavi tries to attack Cardina with a sword, Kuklo punches him, saving Cardina and a group of girls. Cardina, filled with gratitude, hugs Kuklo and ends up joining him and Sharle for lunch. When Kuklo does not understand what he did to make Sharle cry, Cardina explains to him was because Kuklo showed interest in another woman other than Sharle herself.