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Carla Yeager[1] is the mother of Eren Yeager and the wife of Dr. Yeager.


Carla has light-colored eyes and dark hair. Her hair is rather long, kept tied loosely to the side on her right shoulder with a dark hair tie and only a few short hairs around her ears and forehead are loose. She wears a light-colored sweater with frilled sleeves and a long skirt with a white apron and small tan boots.


Carla is a kind person and would welcome Mikasa whenever she came to visit.


Lost in the Cruel World arc

Carla worries over Eren and Mikasa's well-being

In the year 844, Carla's son, Eren is brought home by his friend Mikasa Ackerman severely injured. When she asks her husband if the two are okay he tells her that Mikasa is saying that Eren got his injuries by tripping. Carla suspects that Eren told Mikasa to lie for him.[2]

The next day, Carla apologizes to Mikasa for her not being able to have any fun after coming all the way into town. Before Mikasa leaves, Carla asks Mikasa if she wants her to get Eren but Mikasa says they should let him sleep.[3]

Carla shares the Ackermans' joy of their newborn son

When winter comes around, the Ackerman family moves to Shiganshina and Mikasa visits the Yeager household in hopes of playing with Eren. Carla apologizes to Mikasa saying that Eren is playing with a boy named Armin. She tells Mikasa that Eren might come home soon. Carla tells Mikasa that she can stay in the house to wait for Eren and that she will bring Mikasa a cake.[4]

The next day, Mrs. Ackerman is brought to the Yeager household as she gets close to giving birth.[5] Carla is there as the Ackermans welcome their son into the world.[6]


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