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Carly Stratmann (カーリー・ストラットマン Kārī Sutorattoman?) is the missing daughter of Elliot G. Stratmann.


Carly is a young woman with brown eyes and long, wavy brown hair.


Carly is a laid-back individual who seems to be mellow and calm when serious. She is notably conscious of her surroundings, and is rather studious as shown when she applies her chemistry knowledge to the coderoin trade and explains it in great detail to Annie.


Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part One

Two years after the fall of Wall Maria, Carly graduates from Einrich College as a chemistry student. In order to help her father, Elliot Stratmann after his company lost many business partners and shrunk in scale, Carly uses her chemistry knowledge in order to produce an illegal drug known as coderoin. Carly makes a deal with her father to produce as much coderoin as he needs, as long as he only sells the drug in the royal capital. Carly and her father agree to meet once at dinner, every day in order to discuss the drug trade.

Sometime later, Carly starts befriending drunks at a bar known as Pit Lidors. Carly frequently dances with the patrons and buys them drinks. On one of the nights that she visits Pit Lidors, some Military Police members spot Carly sitting outside of the bar, drunk and escort her home.

Twelve days before the Scout Regiment's 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Carly once again was at Pit Lidors. She spots one of the patrons of the bar taking coderoin and starts to get mad at him, which surprises many of the patrons because normally she would only lightly scold them for taking other drugs.

Later that day at dinner, Carly confronts her father about him breaking his end of their deal. Elliot tries to convince her that it was not his fault but Carly knows that she has to run away. Carly lives with her lover, Kemper Boltz, for several days and plans to leave town with him. Carly also stops visiting Pit Lidors. However, Kemper has other plans. When two thugs hired by Elliot, named Wald and Lou approach Kemper about Carly, he makes a deal with them to use Carly as ransom. Together they lock Carly up in Wald's apartment.[1]

Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part Two

Carly meets Annie

The night before the Scout Regiment's 57th expedition beyond the Walls, Carly is found by Annie Leonhart, a Military Police officer, tasked with finding Carly after Elliot reported her missing. Annie brings her back to the second floor of Pit Lidors where Annie informs Carly about Kemper's death. As Carly takes in the information, Annie tells her that she will not be charged with anything as long as she returns home to her father.

Annie, however, is curious about Carly's involvement in the drug trade. Carly then tells Annie that she produced coderoin and goes into great depth explaining its production.

Carly asks Annie to falsify her report

Carly asks Annie to report that she never found Carly. Annie says that she would get in a lot of trouble if she did that but considers Carly's request. Before Annie leaves Carly tells Annie that she produced coderoin because she felt sorry that her father lost his wealth.

Carly goes down to the first floor and starts to dance with the patrons like she usually does. As she decides who she wants to dance with next, the bartender points out to her that Annie has returned and is waiting outside for her. She says goodbye to the patrons and goes outside to talk with Annie. Annie asks her why she would use her money to buy the patrons drinks and Carly responds that she is unsure but maybe did it because they did not know that once someone loses something they can never get it back.

Carly explains her story

Carly asks if Annie ever rebelled against her father and she replies that she only did so once. As Annie starts to explain the time she rebelled against her father, she is interrupted by the sound of her stomach growling. Carly asks Annie to wait for her while she buys donuts and limeade for the two of them. When she returned Annie notices that Carly's eye look red but does not mention it. Carly is surprised to find out that Annie has never had a donut before. After Annie tries one, Carly is pleased to see that Annie enjoys them.

Carly explains that she is the only one that knows how to produce coderoin and that once she leaves, her father will lose his wealth again.

Carly departs for Wall Rose

Annie hands Carly a forged travel permit for Wall Rose and asks Carly why she does not stay with her father and stop producing coderoin. Carly explains that if she stays she would most likely feel sorry for her father and start producing coderoin again. She explains that she does not want the patrons from Pit Lidors to suffer from the effect of her drug. Carly bids Annie farewell and starts heading for Wall Rose.[2]