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Carsten (カルステン Karusuten?) is a captain (隊長 Taichō?) in charge of the Garrison's forces at Orvud District.


Carsten is a man of average height, with short black hair parted to the sides, rounded nose, thin mustache, and sideburns down to his jawline.


Carsten seems to be a responsible individual overwhelmed by unusual circumstances. Though anxious and on the verge of panic, he is willing to stand up to Erwin Smith when it is his job to evacuate the citizens of Orvud District, but he is still level-headed enough to understand Erwin's plan and ultimately go along with it.

He deeply cares about his district and expresses despair when it appears that the gigantic abnormal Titan is going to break through.


Royal Government arc

Carsten opposes Erwin's plan

When Erwin Smith brings word to the captain that an abnormal Titan is heading toward Orvud, he is bewildered when Erwin reveals that he is not planning on evacuating the city.[1] Carsten angrily objects to Erwin's plan, and Hange Zoë explains that the Titan is being attracted to the district due to its large population. Erwin's plan is to use Orvud's citizens as bait to attract the Titan and ensure that it is drawn in close enough for the Wall's cannons to be used against it, but he assures Carsten that they will order an emergency evacuation of the district in order to keep its civilians safe in the event that they are unable to stop the Titan's progression. With no other plan of action, Carsten begrudgingly agrees.

Carsten orders firing cannons at the Titan

As the Titan approaches Orvud, Carsten directs his soldiers to keep a constant barrage of cannon fire on the Titan. As the Titan reaches the Wall, they are able to get a clear view of its nape, but before they can fire, the wind changes direction, causing their vision to become obscured by the Titan's steam. As the Titan raises itself over the Wall, the captain orders his soldiers to retreat, lamenting the town he grew up in will be destroyed. However, his sorrow is interrupted by Levi Ackermann, who tells him that his squad will finish off the Titan.[2]