The Cart Titan (車力の巨人 Shariki no Kyojin?)[2] is one of the Nine Titans with a quadrupedal form that acted as a scout and mule in Zeke's army during the battle of Shiganshina District.


The Cart Titan stands out as unusual among the Intelligent Titans for its quadrupedal form, which allows for cargo and equipment to be carried on its back; and much like the Beast Titan, it is capable of intelligible speech.[3]

The Cart Titan also possesses great speed, which was used during the Battle of Shiganshina to retrieve a defeated Zeke Jaeger and Reiner Braun while also catching Levi and Hange, two of the Scout Regiment's most talented soldiers off guard.[4][5]


Return to Shiganshina arc

The Beast Titan and its army of Titans outside Shiganshina District

The Cart Titan alongside the Beast Titan and its army

The Cart Titan first appears during the Scout Regiment's expedition to Shiganshina District in the year 850. During the night before the arrival of the Scout Regiment, the Cart Titan keeps watch for Scouts' movement in the desolate regions of Wall Maria south of Trost District. Upon seeing the advancing soldiers, the Cart Titan returns to the ruins of Shiganshina and informs fellow Warriors Zeke, Reiner, and Bertholdt of their approach.[3]

Later that day, the Cart Titan remains at the side of Zeke's Beast Titan, serving as a cargo mule of sorts for the Warriors' various supplies. Erwin Smith notices its presence and correctly deduces by the luggage on its back that this Titan was not among the recently transformed Pure Titans, and it must be instead an Intelligent Titan and the Warriors' scout.[1] Bertholdt is kept hidden in a barrel atop the Cart Titan's back as a plan B against the Scout Regiment, and upon Reiner's defeat at the hands of the Scouts' Thunder Spears, Bertholdt is removed from the Cart Titan and thrown by the Beast Titan into the city.[3] Shortly afterward, the Cart Titan fetches nearby boulders for the Beast Titan to use against the Scouts.[6]

The Cart Titan carries Zeke away

The Cart Titan carries Zeke away

The Scouts choose to engage in a suicidal charge against the Beast Titan in order to buy time for Captain Levi to move in for a counterattack. As Zeke decimates the Scouts, he is quickly defeated by Levi who catches him unawares. Before Zeke can be captured by Levi, the Cart Titan comes to Zeke's rescue and carries his dismembered human form away.[4]

Sitting atop the Cart Titan's back, Zeke guides the Cart Titan into Shiganshina to rescue Reiner and Bertholdt. They find Bertholdt incapacitated and captured by Eren Jaeger but after seeing Levi atop the Wall, they leave him for dead. Searching elsewhere in the district, the Cart Titan rescues Reiner from capture before climbing atop Wall Maria where the Warriors are safe.[5]

People killed

Failed attempt


  • There have been crawling Titans shown before, but this is the first time a Titan walking on all fours has been seen being used to carry things.



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