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Quote1.png We chose to join the Military Police, aspired to be Interior Police, and joined up with Kenny. All to seek meaning in our meaningless lives in this meaningless world. Let's keep believing all the way to the end...that Kenny and his dream can turn the tables on this world. Quote2.png
— Caven to her squad[1]

Caven (カーフェン Kāfen?)[2] was a member of the Military Police in the Anti-Personnel Control Squad, operating under Kenny Ackermann. When the captain was not present, Caven often led the squad in his place.


Caven appeared to be a young woman with a fit, thin build. She often held a calm, almost sad expression. Her blonde hair was just a little bit past shoulder length which she usually kept tied back with bangs that were parted down the middle. She wore a pair of tight black pants, a white button-up shirt, and a pair of black shoes along with her Anti-Personnel ODM Gear.


In contrast to her captain's boisterous personality, Caven was much more professional and disciplined as a soldier. She was very reserved in her conduct, showing little emotion in all of her dealings. She was unconcerned at the sight of Kenny being blown out of a tavern with a shotgun, showing no concern beyond casually asking if the blast was enough to kill him. Likewise, Caven was unfazed to see Kenny kill others, showing more concern for potential information his victims might have held, than for the victims themselves. Caven seemed to not care about the world anymore, as she thought of it as cruel and terrible.


Two years after the fall of Wall Maria, in the year 847, during Kenny Ackermann's briefing of the new Anti-Personnel Control Squad, Caven gained Kenny's attention when she admitted she was fine with having a homicidal maniac who had never been in the military running their squad. She spoke about the falling of the Walls and their giving up on fighting the Titans, and asked Kenny if that was why they were there; being the end result of following the rules of the Walls and creating the military corps. She believed that these actions were pointless and it drew Kenny's attention. He explained to her and the squad that opposing the Scout Regiment was only a justification to get approval from the higher-ups, and that the real reason for his actions was for a grand dream to have power.[3]


Royal Government arc

Tasked with bringing Eren Jaeger and Historia Reiss to King Fritz, Caven and Kenny Ackermann begin staking out the cottage that Levi's squad is staying in, and the experiments conducted on Eren's Titan form.

The two watch as the Military Police unsuccessfully attempt to raid the cottage and detain its occupants, with Kenny commenting that Levi was able to mobilize his subordinates fast enough to avoid capture because of his training.[4]

Caven congratulates Kenny on Levi growing up

She then partakes in the ambush of Levi Ackermann and his squad in Trost District. When Kenny is incapacitated during his battle with Levi, Caven approaches him, casually asking him if he has finally died, to which he responds that a dead man would not be able to respond to such a question. Kenny notes that Levi has grown since they last met, which Caven says is good to hear, but Kenny complains that it only means he is now further from his dreams.

Caven accompanies Kenny when he goes to kill Dimo Reeves for agreeing to help the Scout Regiment. She is concerned with Kenny's choice to kill Reeves before having him tell them Levi's location, but Kenny assures her that Levi will come to them.[5]

Caven gives a speech to remind her squad of why they joined Kenny

Sometime later, Caven is seen with her comrades in the Underground Chapel, protecting the true king while awaiting the arrival of their enemies. Caven preps her subordinates for the oncoming ambush, explaining their plan of attack. Noting the threat that humanity faces from the Titans, she asks why they all joined the Military Police Regiment and gathered around Kenny. She claims that the reason if that everyone wanted to find meaning in such a meaningless world and meaningless lives, and orders them to buy time and to believe in Kenny's dream.[1]

Her words are then interrupted as the entrance door bursts open. Using a stick with a reflective piece of the chapel walls tied to it, she examines the situation and is surprised to see gas canisters tied to barrels coming down the stairs. Confused, she fails to react in time and allows Sasha Braus ignite one of the barrels with a flaming arrow. The room then becomes clouded with smoke, causing the Anti-Personnel Control Squad to lose sight of their enemies. The fight then becomes chaotic as signal flares blast through any open air. When Levi announces the MPs numbers, Caven orders her subordinates to scatter and surround individual enemies in groups.

Caven aims her anchor at Hange

As the battle goes on, many of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad members are killed off by Squad Levi and Hange Zoë. Caven begins to realize the dire situation they are in. She looks for an opening and spots Hange. Knowing that Hange is probably aware that users of Anti-Personnel ODM are vulnerable after firing two shots, she fires two rounds at Hange, missing on purpose. Hange takes the bait and swoops in to try to kill her. Caven seizes this opportunity and fires her anchor into Hange's shoulder. She then releases the hook, sending Hange off into the air and smashing them against a pillar before they fall on the ground. While the members of Squad Levi worry for Hange, Caven uses this moment to call retreat with her forces and reorganize their defenses.[6]

Caven is crushed by the rubble

Setting up a barricade to stop Squad Levi, Caven and her squad mates take their positions to wait for their adversaries to arrive. Before any more fighting can take place, however, they are caught in Rod Reiss's transformation into a Titan. Caven and her comrades try to find Kenny in the chaos, but are struck and crushed by falling debris from the cavern.[2]


  • Kenny Ackermann - When Kenny explained his motives to his second in command and her comrades, she spoke to him about how she felt that all the actions they were taking were pointless and that they had given up on fighting the Titans. However, as she came to appreciate Kenny's dream for power, she began to put faith in it and dedicated herself to the realization of said dream. She admired Kenny and followed his will unconditionally until her death in the Underground Chapel.

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