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This article is about the 49th chapter of the Attack on Titan manga. For the anime episode of the same name, see Charge (Episode).

Quote1.png ADVANCE! Eren's right there! Advance! Quote2.png
— Erwin urges his soldiers to proceed

Charge (突撃 Totsugeki?) is the 3rd chapter of the 12th volume and the 49th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


As the Titans led by Erwin Smith come closer, the soldiers on the Armored Titan are forced to leave him. The Armored Titan tries to run over them, but he is stopped because of their sheer number, forcing Ymir to fight. While Reiner and Ymir are distracted, Erwin Smith orders the remaining soldiers to charge at them in order to rescue Eren.

Reiner also decides to fight the Titans. The charge continues even after Erwin gets trapped and some soldiers are killed. Mikasa surpasses the Titans and attacks Bertolt, but is caught by a Titan then saved by JeanArmin reaches them and teases Bertolt, saying that Annie is being tortured non-stop. Bertolt is infuriated and Erwin uses this to free Eren. The soldiers are then told to run away, also rescuing Historia. However, Reiner throws Titans at them. After being knocked to the ground, a confused Eren and Mikasa see the Titan that killed Carla Yeager five years ago standing before them.


Seeing the approaching Titans, Hannes yells at everyone to jump off the Armored Titan. Determined, Erwin and the soldiers keep leading the Titans so they clash with Reiner and others. He then orders the soldiers to pull away while the Armored Titan attempts to fend off the attacking Titans. Much to Ymir's horror, Historia is about to be grabbed by a Titan, but she manages to defend her. The Survey Corps watch this massacre from afar. At that moment, Erwin orders the soldiers to charge, much to everyone's surprise. He claims this moment to be when mankind's fate is decided, as without Eren, humanity has no chance. Meanwhile, a Military Police soldier calls the Scouts mad and even though another soldier attempts to warn him, he gets eaten by a Titan.

Erwin's arm is bitten by a Titan

As Reiner continues to battle the Titans, Eren wonders about the situation. Reiner decides that he cannot cover Bertolt anymore as he needs his hands to get rid of the Titans. Seeing this, Mikasa immediately charges in, with Jean questioning the possibility of getting through all the Titans. Erwin orders everyone to advance, but at that moment, his right arm ends up in the mouth of a Titan, much to everyone's horror. However, Erwin keeps ordering them to go on as Eren is right before their eyes.

They manage to get through the wave of Titans, albeit with numerous casualties and Mikasa charges at Bertolt, who, tied to Eren, manages to dodge. Suddenly, a Titan grabs Mikasa, squeezing her ribcage, but Jean runs to help her, stabbing the Titan's eye and causing it to let Mikasa go. Bertolt does not want to give up, intending to take Eren with them to their hometown. Eren blames himself for the soldiers' deaths, but they are then approached by Armin. Making up his mind on how to deal with this situation, Armin blames Bertolt and Reiner for abandoning Annie. He tells them that she is being tortured far to the north in Utopia District, beyond their reach, which enrages Bertolt, who swears to kill them. At that moment, Bertolt gets slashed by Erwin, freeing Eren in the process. Mikasa grabs him and Erwin orders a retreat.

Erwin frees Eren

Meanwhile, Historia attempts to help Ymir and achieves her first Titan kill. She is then caught by Connie, who attempts to bring her back. However, she argues that she has to go with Ymir, or Ymir's life will be in danger. Unable to believe these words, Connie tells her that her life will be in danger as well if she stays here. Suddenly, they witness a Titan falling on them as Reiner, in a desperate attempt to stop the soldiers, begins tossing Titans at them. One of those Titans causes Eren and Mikasa to fall off their horse. Upon hitting the ground, Mikasa begins to feel the pain of her crushed ribcage, and at that moment they witness the Titan which killed their mother right in front of their eyes.

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