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Quote1 Advance! Eren is just ahead! Advance! Quote2
— Erwin urges his Scouts to proceed

Charge (突撃 Totsugeki?) is the 11th episode of the 2nd season and the 36th episode overall of the Attack on Titan anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


After hearing Ymir's motives, Historia agrees to stay by her side. The pursuing soldiers close in on the Armored Titan and corner Bertholdt, who refuses to give up Eren. Erwin leads a hellish charge against the Warriors in which he is injured, though Eren is rescued. Reiner refuses to let him escape and begins throwing Titans into the retreating formation. When Eren and Mikasa are dismounted in the chaos, they come across the Titan that ate Eren's mother five years ago.


Armored Titan and company escaping

Reiner escapes, carrying both passengers and captives

Ymir escapes the Forest of Giant Trees carrying Historia in her Titan's mouth. When Ymir nears the edge of the forest, Reiner transforms into the Armored Titan and begins their escape. Bertholdt carrying an unconscious Eren grapples onto the Armored Titan's back alongside Ymir's Titan. The others watch in disbelief as Eren is once again carried away by the Warriors, and Commander Erwin spots the Armored Titan's departure. Immediately formulating a plan, Erwin rallies the Scouts and Military Police into action, urging them to follow his lead with the pursuing Titans. Despite initial outrage and hesitation from the MPs, the soldiers follow Erwin's lead as Hannes leads the recruits in pursuit of the Armored Titan.

Historia tells Ymir she is not making sense

Historia tells Ymir she is not making sense

On the chase, Mikasa decides that she will not hesitate in killing whoever prevents her from rescuing Eren. Meanwhile, Ymir removes Historia from her Titan's mouth, partially emerging from her nape to speak with her. Ymir explains that she has joined Reiner and Bertholdt for a better life beyond the doomed Walls. Historia is doubtful that the world beyond the Walls could be a better place to live and wonders if Ymir is being forced to carry out her previous actions, but Bertholdt tells her that Ymir is in fact the one forcing them to take Historia.

The Scouts closing their distance and Ymir's fickle allegiances worry Bertholdt. Ymir confesses to Historia that she only brought her for her own sake, desiring to have a chance of survival by pardoning the murder of their comrade from five years ago. Due to her family's close ties with the Order of the Walls, Historia is a valued asset for the Warriors. Despite Ymir's selfish motives, Historia assures her that she will always be on her side.

Mikasa's glare

Mikasa glares at Bertholdt

As Eren begins to wake up, the Scouts attempt to slow the Armored Titan. Ymir keeps them away until Mikasa arrives, going for a killing blow against Bertholdt. Reiner shields Bertholdt within the Armored Titan's hands and Mikasa breaks her blades trying to get him, giving him a death glare.

Ymir swings at Mikasa and she, prepared to kill Ymir, turns her attention towards her until Historia comes between them, claiming that Ymir is being forced to join Reiner and Bertholdt. Mikasa shows no sympathy, stating that she will kill Ymir if the two prevent her from rescuing Eren. Listening to Historia's pleas, Ymir no longer interferes.

Mikasa willing to kill Ymir

Mikasa threatens to kill Ymir if she interferes

When the other recruits catch up with the Armored Titan, Jean attempts to convince Bertholdt to come out; Conny and Sasha are still in disbelief of their betrayal. Jean recalls the years they trained together, notably Bertholdt's absurd sleeping positions, and Conny reminds him of the conversations they shared of growing old and drinking together. Mikasa shows no compassion, reminding the others that he must die for them to rescue Eren. Bertholdt breaks, telling the others that he never wanted to commit the atrocities he has done against humanity. He admits that despite their deception, they truly thought of the others as comrades, and he begs for someone to find them afterward. Mikasa demands for him to hand over Eren, but Bertholdt insists that he cannot give Eren up, saying that their duties must be carried out. Hannes interrupts their conversation, warning them of an incoming attack from the front. Erwin and the soldiers, luring a horde of Titans, are heading straight for Reiner.

Armored Titan surrounded by Titans

The Armored Titan is swarmed by other Titans

As the recruits remount their horses, the soldiers disperse at Erwin's orders and the Titans approach Reiner. Bracing for impact, the Armored Titan charges into the horde. Ymir and Historia escape as Reiner is swarmed by Titans, unable to move. Commander Erwin immediately rallies the troops for a final charge, urging them to dedicate their hearts and rescue Eren at all costs. The Military Police do not follow, though their leader is soon caught and eaten by a Titan. Overwhelmed by the horde holding him down, Reiner begins to shove the Titans aside to create an opening, exposing Bertholdt and Eren in the process. Erwin draws his sword and announces an advance, but his arm is caught by a Titan. As the Titan carries Erwin away, he continues to order the Scouts to advance and rescue Eren.

Following Erwin's final command, the Scouts charge head-on into the Titan horde. Many are caught and killed in the attack, though Mikasa navigates through the Titans and reaches Reiner. Her attack against Bertholdt misses, and she is caught by a Titan which crushes her ribs in its grip. Jean comes to Mikasa's aid and blinds the Titan as other Scouts attempt to close in on Eren, though Reiner tosses them aside. Bertholdt insists that they are taking Eren to their hometown, and Eren begins to worry that everyone attempting to save him.

Erwin frees Eren

Erwin cuts Eren free of Bertholdt

Armin approaches Bertholdt, wondering to himself what he must sacrifice to resolve the situation. Recalling Bertholdt's affection for Annie, Armin formulates a cruel bluff. He asks the Warriors if they are willing to abandon Annie, who he claims has been taken to Utopia District in the far north to be tortured. He pries further, claiming that Annie is enduring every kind of suffering imaginable since her capture. Bertholdt snaps, calling Armin a "spawn of the devil," but when he is exposed Eren's bonds are cut loose when Erwin, missing his arm, delivers a strike to Bertholdt's chest.

When Eren is rescued, the Scouts immediately retreat. Historia kills a Titan overpowering Ymir's, and Conny catches her in their retreat. As Ymir follows, Historia urges him to let her go, saying that she and Ymir must go with Reiner and Bertholdt for Ymir's sake. Sasha believes that Ymir must be lying, and Conny agrees, saying that Ymir has only ever acted when Historia's safety was at risk.

The Smiling Titan returns

A familiar Titan returns

Suddenly, a Titan soaring overhead crashes ahead of the Scouts. In the distance, Reiner throws Titans at the soldiers in a last resort attack, and Eren and Mikasa are dismounted in the chaos. Mikasa attempts to stand, but her injury is worsened from the sudden attack. In the distance, a Titan advances through the clouds of dust, and Eren recognizes it as the same Titan which killed his mother five years ago.

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Among the Titans, there are those with special powers. The tense, high temperature steam of the Colossal Titan and the hardened skin of the Armored Titan are prime examples. It remains unknown how they possess such abilities.

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