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Quote1.png You came back for me, huh...? That's my girl! Quote2.png
— Dita Ness praises Charlotte for her intuition[2]

Charlotte (シャレット Sharetto?)[3] was a horse ridden by Dita Ness during his career as a member of the Survey Corps.


Like the majority of specially bred Survey Corps horses, Charlotte was tall in stature with a dark coat of hair.


The Female Titan arc

During the 57th Expedition Outside the Walls, Dita Ness is astride Charlotte when he encounters an abnormal Titan in a field. After killing it, Charlotte returns to him unprompted, much to his joy.

Almost immediately after, they encounter the Female Titan. When Ness attempts to kill the Female and is killed, Charlotte is left riderless to wander the wilderness beyond Wall Rose.[4]

Afterwards, Armin Arlert recalls the moment Ness introduced him to Charlotte when considering the sacrifices Commander Erwin Smith had made in his efforts to capture the Female Titan.[3]


War for Paradis arc

When Commander Hange Zoë sacrifices their life to ensure their comrades' escape from the Rumbling in Odiha, Charlotte and Ness are among the souls of fallen Survey Corps soldiers to welcome Hange in death.[5]


  • Speed - As a horse specially bred for use in the Survey Corps, Charlotte had a top speed of 75-80 km/h.
  • Endurance - Charlotte could maintain a constant speed of 35 km/h. Due to her staunch legs, she was capable of withstanding the stress of sudden stops, acceleration, and circling.
  • Temperament - Charlotte was quite docile and did not normally frighten in the presence of Titans. The nearly constant sound of vertical maneuvering equipment being used so close to her also seemed to have no effect on her.