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Chasing! Titan Junior High School (追跡!巨人中学校 Tsuiseki! Kyojin Chūgakkō?) is the 2nd episode of the 1st season and the 2nd episode overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High anime, produced by Production I.G.


Eren and Mikasa are sent to collect a club admission form from Armin, whom has secluded himself at home all winter for fear of the cold. On the way, a Titan attempts to steal their gifts of food, but is defeated by Levi, who then steals Armins's futon. In an attempt to recover the futon, Eren and his classmates track down the Junior High Scout Regiment, a secret, unapproved club. There they meet Eld, Oruo, Petra, and Gunther. Levi arrives with Armin's futon, which he had stolen in order to mend a tear it had developed, and accepts all of them into the club.


Sasha points out that the desk next to Eren has been empty for a long time. Eren claims that Armin hates the cold, therefore doesn't go to school during the winter. Conny comments that it's already spring. Eren decides to check on him after school. Before he can continue, Mr. Keith notes that they haven't joined a club yet. Mr. Keith advises them to collect Armin's club admission form by the next day or else punishment will ensue.

Eren and Mikasa exit a convenience store with a bag full of meat buns and sweet drinks for Armin. Just as they ring Armin's doorbell, they are confronted by a Titan which steals their food. Eren runs head-first to the Titan so he can retrieve the food, but the Titan picks him up and he begins thrashing. In mere seconds, Levi comes to the rescue and Eren is released from the fallen Titan's hand. Levi asks what is going on, but Eren is too astonished to answer; he spots the wings of freedom button on Levi's uniform, and decides that he will join whatever club Levi is in, hoping to defeat the Titans. Mikasa declares on following him. Meanwhile, Levi is having tea and grumpily repeats his question. Prior to Eren's answer, he asks which club Levi is in. Levi does not answer. From above the balcony, Eren notices Armin's grandfather beating a futon. Levi jumps up there and is baffled by Mr. Arlelt's way of cleaning. Ignoring the commotion, Eren and Mikasa proceed to enter. They ask for Armin, but he refuses coming out into the cold. Armin goes on about weather superstitions, but Eren is not following. Mikasa simply informs Armin that they have brought along food, and Armin cheerily comes out.

Inside Armin's room, Eren and Mikasa are greeted by blazing hot heaters. Mikasa starts to feel dizzy from the heat, so Eren suggests taking off her scarf. Mikasa passes his sentiment but proposes they open the door to get some air. Armin disagrees, stating that he still feels cold even when he's wrapped in a futon. Eren observes that there is a tear in his futon, believing that he should replace it. Armin opposes the thought. Suddenly, the windows slam open and Levi appears. He tears the futon away from Armin and jumps down from the window. Armin screams in pain. Eren and Mikasa run downstairs with Armin tailing. Eren offers Armin his jacket as a temporary replacement for his futon. Mikasa investigates and finds Levi's wings of freedom button on the ground. She recommends asking around school.

Eren and Mikasa find a dejected trio of Jean, Sasha, and Conny on a bench. Sasha complains about how the cooking club had rejected her due to her compulsive appetite, Conny finds that the baseball club was not for him, and Jean adds that the soccer club was a disaster. Reiner comes in and explains his similar situation as well. Sasha notices a newcomer - Armin. Tying into that matter, Eren describes Armin's condition without his futon, showing his friends the button that Levi dropped. Reiner assumes that he is talking about the secret club which Levi is in, where he is viewed as "the strongest man". Soon enough, they notice that the club is explicitly advertising themselves. They are somewhat concerned of the club, but Eren openly defends it. From the inside, Oruo reprimands the group. He blurts out information about their secret club, which lets down a few people. Eren catches him off guard by demanding entrance and tries to pry the door open. Mikasa pitches in, seconding Eren's plea. Eren's hand abruptly slips and the door slams into Oruo's face, who bites his tongue in the process and lies unconscious on the ground.

The other members of the club worriedly run to Oruo. Eren tells them that Oruo simply slammed the door into his own face. Gunther loses all sympathy for Oruo and drops his head back onto the ground. Petra Rall wishes that Oruo bit his tongue off and died. Immediately, Oruo comes back to life and still disapproves of the first-years' entrance to the club. Petra introduces herself politely. Eren brings up Levi's button but is startled by the sudden noise from behind coming from Hange. She boldly enters showing off Titan fingernail clippings she found in the trash. Again, Eren asks for Levi, so Hange instructs him to throw a plastic bottle in the paper waste bin. He does so, and Levi rushes in with Armin's futon, smacking Eren in the head with his paper fan. He returns Armin's futon and repairs the hole. Levi then asks for verification if they would still like to join the club. Everyone backs each other up, aware of the risks they are taking. Levi approves all of them in, with a few who reluctantly admit that they're in other clubs already.

The next day, Eren and his friends find their names signed up for the Wall Beautification Club due to the Attack Juniot High Scout Regiment being unauthorized. Mikasa lets out a tired sigh.

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