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Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! (ちみキャラ劇場 とんでけ!訓練兵団 Chimi Kyara Gekijō – Tondeke! Heidan?) is a series of flash animated gag shorts included with each Blu-Ray Disc/DVD releases of the anime featuring the characters of Attack on Titan in chibi form based on designs by Yuupon. Consisting of nine episodes, the series takes a light-hearted and comedic approach on the main series, presenting a humorous way to many memorable scenes and dialogues from the original series. Each episodes depicts 2-3 days in the training of the 104th Cadet Corps.[citation needed]


Episode list

Episode Title Romaji (Kanji) Original air date
1 Day 1/Day2 Ichinichime / Futsukame (01日目 / 02日目) July 17, 2013
Eren has trouble waking up on time.
Armin finds himself waking up in the nurses office.
2 Day 3/Day 4 Mikkame / Yokkame (03日目 / 04日目) August 21, 2013
Eren tries to make a strong impression on his instructor.
Jean becomes jealous of Eren.
3 Day 5/Day 6/Day 7 Itsukame / Muikame / Nanokame (05日目 / 06日目 / 07日目) September 18, 2013
Sasha is accused of something she didn't do.
Armin finds a suspicious book.
Eren and Mikasa try to learn about a Titan's weakness.
4 Day 8/Day 9/Day 10 Yōkame / Kokonokame / Tōkame (8日目 / 9日目 / 10日目) October 16, 2013
Eren unintentionally walks in on the girls.
Mikasa challenges Ymir over pudding.
Christa and Ymir choose a shopping buddy.
5 Day 11/Day 12/Day 13 Jūichinichime / Jūninichime / Jūsannichime (11日目 / 12日目 / 13日目) November 20, 2013.
Eren tries to imitate Reiner.
Bertholdt tries to improve his confidence.
Mikasa and Annie try to see who is stronger.
6 Day 14/Day 15/Day 16 Jūyokkame / Jūgonichime / Jūrokunichime (14日目 / 15日目 / 16日目) December 18, 2013
Conny and Sasha try to get even.
Eren decides on a new hairstyle.
Armin tries to tutor Eren, Sasha, and Conny.
7 Day 17/Day 18/ Day 19 Jūshichinichime / Jūhachinichime / Jūkunichime (17日目 / 18日目 / 19日目) January 15, 2014
Eren struggles to use Vertical Equipment.
Jean gets lost during training.
Marco returns a lost bag.
8 Day 20/Day 21/ Day 22 Nijūnichime / Nijūichinichime / Nijūninichime (20日目 / 21日目 / 22日目) February 19, 2014
Franz and Hanna help Eren make amends.
Mikasa tries to act on her feelings.
Hange tries to communicate with a Titan.
9 Day 23/Day 24/Day 25 Nijūsannichime / Nijūyonnichime / Nijūgonichime (23日目 / 24日目 / 25日目) March 19, 2014
Erwin tries to make appeal to the cadets.
Levi analyzes himself from another person's point of view.
The 104th Cadet Corps' graduation ceremony begins.

Voice Cast


  • These shorts feature the Japanese voice actors from the anime in their respective roles.
  • There are a lot of running gags throughout episodes:
    • Eren over-sleeping, causing him to be late and get mad at Mikasa and Armin for not waking him up.
    • Members of the cast getting eaten by the Colossal Titan at the end of each episode (with Eren almost always being one of them, usually making excuses as to why he got eaten, and then arguing as they slowly sink).
    • Mikasa never making facial expressions, changing her tone or showing any emotions at all.
    • Keith getting mad at one of the cadets and telling them to come to his room later.
    • Mikasa showing feelings for Eren, only to be turned down by him.
    • Armin being a big pervert.
  • Characters always pronounce sounds or small movements they make (ex. saying chung* chung* when the bell is ringing, wipe* when they are wiping tears, saying raise* while raising their hand, or dot* dot* dot* ding* while thinking).
  • There are a lot of references to anime episodes of the series:
    • The first day of training when they got intimidated by Keith Sadies.
    • Jean getting captivated by Mikasa and her long black hair, and developing a rivalry with Eren.
    • Mikasa cutting her hair, saying how "the world is a cruel place" (but for a comedic effect), shoving a loaf of bread into Eren's mouth, telling others how she is way stronger than them.
    • Sasha stealing meat and can always be seen eating a potato.
    • Armin bringing a book and reading it with Eren, later mentioning "burning water, frozen earth, fields of sand" (although in different context).
    • Levi dressed up in his cleaning outfit and carrying a mop, "taking cleaning very seriously."
    • Eren's ears turning red when lying.