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Choices (選択 Sentaku?) is the 4th chapter of the 2nd volume and the 8th and final chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: No Regrets manga, written by Gun Snark and illustrated by Hikaru Suruga.


Levi slices a Titan open to rescue Furlan, who had just been eaten. Unfortunately, he had already been bitten in half and killed by the Titan. In a fit of rage, Levi kills four Titans. Erwin and Mike notice the large amount of steam and head towards Levi's direction.

Levi notices Isabel's severed head and begins to cry. Erwin and Mike arrive and ask for survivors. Before Erwin can finish speaking, Levi tackles him to the ground and holds his blade to Erwin's neck, stating that he will kill Erwin. However, Erwin throws out a forge of the documents concerning Lovof and reveals he knew about the matter all along. Levi is enraged and attempts to kill Erwin; he stops the blade and formerly asks Levi to join the Survey Corps. Levi reflects on his time with his friends and drops the blade. They mount their horses, intending to join the commander in the vanguard. Levi takes one last look at Furlan and Isabel's final resting spot.


Levi kills the Titans

Levi kills the Titans

Desperate to save Furlan, who had just been eaten, Levi slices the Titan open. Among the gushing blood a hand reaches out, Levi grabs it pulling him to safety. Unfortunately, it is too late, Furlan is already dead, bitten in half by the Titan. Levi turns around to face the Titans, prepared to get even. He latches on to the first one, stabbing it in its eyelids, breaking his blades off into its eyes. He moves on, killing two other Titans in quick succession. He glimpses another one racing towards him, so he spirals up its arm and around to its nape, killing it. Still angry he goes back to the first Titan, taunting it.

Meanwhile, Erwin and Mike notice a large amount of steam coming from another direction. Erwin realizes it is the steam from a fallen Titan. Mike is stunned by how many Titans would need to be killed to generate that much steam. Wondering if Levi is the cause of it, the two quickly head in that direction.

Levi confronts Erwin

Levi confronts Erwin

At the same time, Levi has just finished killing the last Titan in the area. Gloom spreads over his face as he finds Isabel's head. With shock and fear still in her eyes, he closes them and begins to cry. But he is interrupted by Erwin, who asks if there are any more survivors. Rage builds up as Erwin continues asking Levi questions. Before he can finish talking, Levi tackles him off his horse. Mike prepares to step in, but Levi tells him to back off. He rests his blade next to Erwin's head, claiming he is still alive for the sole purpose of killing him.

Realizing Levi's friends had died, Erwin throws the documents they were looking for to the ground. He goes on to tell him it was a bluff, and that he knew Nicholas Lovof's intentions all along. He tells Levi they needed to join the Survey Corps in order to throw Lovof off their trail, and that the real documents are likely to be with Darius Zackly by now. Levi is even more enraged as he remembers past conversations with his friends. As he prepares to kill him, Erwin stops his blade. He questions Levi as to whom is actually to blame. Only seeing it from his point of view, Levi blames his pride for their death. Erwin quickly corrects him, putting the blame on Titans. He goes on to talk about how they could gain the upper hand if they knew more about Titans, and that once Titans are gone humanity can finally be free.

Erwin and Levi

Erwin urges Levi to fight with the Survey Corps

He asks Levi, like others, whether he will let fear keep him cooped up behind the safety of the Walls. He let him know that regardless of whether Erwin lives or not, the Survey Corps will not give up their journey beyond the Walls. This time he formally asks Levi to join the Survey Corps. Levi lowers his blade as he remembers how happy and free he, Furlan, and Isabel were. They mount their horses and head off in search of Commander Keith Shadis in the vanguard. Levi momentarily falls behind and takes one last look at what is to be Furlan and Isabel's resting spot.

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