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This chubby Royal Government minister (王政の小太りの大臣 Ōsei no kobutori no daijin?)[1] is a former member of the King Fritz's assembly. After a successful uprising led by Survey Corps commander Erwin Smith, this minister is imprisoned by the military.


This minister is a somewhat short, rotund man, with short black hair that he kept neatly combed. Before Erwin Smith's uprising, he regularly wore extravagant clothes while helping King Fritz run the government. After being overthrown, however, he is only allowed to wear clothes from the knees-down while in captivity.


The minister is a cruel, selfish man who cares only about his own interests, and gives no thought to the well-being of the Walls' citizens. After being tricked into believing that Wall Rose has fallen, he orders that all refugees be barred from entering Wall Sheena, for fear that resultant food shortages would lead to civil war within Wall Sheena. After being imprisoned by the Military, he attempts to threaten Darius Zackly by claiming that the Reiss family will erase all of the usurpers' memories, insulting Zackly by claiming that he has "slave blood."


Royal Government arc

The minister is one of four assemblymen with King Fritz who oversees Erwin Smith's trial for committing treason, which will decide whether or not the Survey Corps is disbanded. Erwin argues that the Survey Corps is necessary as it is humanity's only weapon against the Titans, and will be the only thing keeping civil war from erupting if Wall Rose were to fall. The minister claims to understand Erwin's position, but he reveals that Levi Ackerman has apparently killed numerous members of the Military Police Brigade since Erwin was arrested, which is a sign of aggression on the Corps' part.

The minister orders the closing of Wall Sheena gates

As Erwin is being taken away, a soldier barges in on the trial to announce that Wall Rose has been breached. Before the Military personnel present can mobilize, the minister orders Wall Sheena's gates be closed to any refugees, for fear that civil war will break out, as Erwin predicted. He then quietly reassures his fellow nobles that they will only need to wait a few more days for Rod Reiss to obtain the Coordinate from Eren Yeager. They are interrupted by the arrival of Darius Zackly, who reveals with Dot Pixis that the report of Wall Rose being breached was falsified to test how they would react to the crisis, and determine whether or not they are fit to lead. The minister tries to claim that the public will stand with their King, but Zackly reveals that a local newspaper has published an article revealing that the Survey Corps was framed for their actions by the Royal Government, and that Fritz is not the true king.[3]

Zackly tortures the minister

After being overthrown, the minister and his comrades were repeatedly tortured by Zackly. While being hooked up to a machine that will force him to ingest his own urine, the minister mocks Zackly, claiming that he will soon lose his memories.[4]

After Rod Reiss is finally defeated and Historia is crowned as the queen, the minister is seen inside a prison.[5]