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Quote1.png This is our chance! It's the perfect chance to let everyone know how truly magnificent chee-burgs are! Quote2.png
— Eren in front of the cheeseburgers stand

Clear and Sunny! Titan Junior High School (快晴!巨人中学校 Kaisei! Kyojin Chūgakkō?) is the 11th episode of the 1st season and the 11th episode overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High anime, produced by Production I.G.


Eren and his classmates decide to run a cheeseburger stand for the school festival. However, upon opening, they find that they have stiff competition from Rico and her kamameshi stand, the winners of the previous year's snack stand contest. Meanwhile, Jean and Marco end up putting on a performance of Snow White almost single-handed due to the rest of the class working at the cheeseburger stand. As Rico prepares to unveil the giant pot of rice she has been cooking, Armin comes up with a strategy to lure away her customers; they will start offering double the amount of cheese for the same price. However, just as they begin to enact their plan, the Titans attack and carry off the stands, food and all.


With the school's 104th festival approaching, Marco asks the class to decide what to do for it, since each class has to do a snack stand and one other activity. Reiner suggests maid café, but Christa says her Brass Band Club is already doing it. Jean suggests a play, calling himself the prince of it. Sasha suggests a stand for steamed potatoes, and Conny tells her it should be fried chicken instead.

Armin then mentions that their class does not have enough people to run two things at the same time, so some of them would have to participate in both festival activities. Eren suddenly stands up and yells that they will do cheeseburgers.

The gourmet competition is held at the school's playfield. In front of the cheeseburgers stand, Eren happily remarks it is their chance to let everyone know how magnificent chee-burgs are. Inside, Hanna and Mina prep Armin in a costume and apply makeup on him.

Armin draws the customers' attention

Armin asks them if it is necessary, and Hanna says they must have pleasant salespeople. Next to them is the kamemashi stand; the winner of last year's festival, run by Rico and Ian. Armin welcomes the customers to try their tasty cheeseburgers. Charmed by his costume and his way of promoting, they are all drawn to the chee-burgs stand. Elsewhere, Jean, Marco, and Sasha participate in a Snow White play.

Reiner and Bertholdt visit the maid café room, with Christa serving them omelet rice. Smitten by how Christa looks in a maid getup, Reiner thinks to himself that he wants to marry her. Seeing the look on Reiner's face, Ymir spoils his meal by pouring too much mustard and sauce on it, to his shock. Bertholdt offers to switch his omelet with Reiner's, but he refuses and says he had promised Christa to eat it all and tries to wolf it down, with his face turning all colors. He asks for another one, and Christa obliges.

Reiner shields the omelet rice

Ymir appears and again tries to spoil the omelet, but Reiner shields it this time, telling Bertholdt that he will definitely survive and eat it. Ymir lifts a bigger spicy mustard container, and as she prepares to squeeze it, Christa stops her. Reiner then tries the omelet, but spits fire and falls on the ground with his mouth burned. Looking at the omelet, Bertholdt realizes its insides contain hot sauce, and Ymir smirks while holding the sauce bottle.

Hitch and Annie visit the cat café. Hitch tries to get a cat's attention, but it ignores her and lies on Annie's lap. Hitch tries rolling on the ground and then bumps into Marlo. She is surprised to see him there surrounded by cats. Marlo tells her that he did not realize she loved cats, and she denies it, saying she is trying to show animals who the boss is. In front of Marlo, she talks down to a cat but it ignores her, with her running after it and demands meat snacks from the café seller.

Sasha arrives at the chee-burgs stand and tells Eren and Mikasa to switch places with her at the play, but Eren refuses, telling her that he will not be leaving until he makes everyone understand how tasty chee-burgs are, and Mikasa says she is staying if Eren is, with Armin saying the same. Sasha commends their spirit and offers to help them.

Conny teases Jean

At the play, Jean is forced to take Armin's role as Snow White. Conny mentions how unfair that Jean gets to just lie down on stage and do nothing, and he says he did not ask for it. Marco tells them he heard the chee-burgs stand has become popular. Conny then teases Jean by saying he looks super creepy as Snow White, much to his annoyance.

In the Biology Club, Hange has her two captured Titans in the room and begins her experiment by repeatedly tickling Sawney all over, and it tries to bite her as she comes closer to it.

Back at the chee-burgs stand, they are overwhelmed by tens of orders, and Eren says even Mikasa cannot handle that many. Looking at Rico's stand serving customers faster, Eren laments the situation, before Mikasa says she can do it, and starts rapidly flipping multiple burgers at the same time.

Reiner and the others arrive, he tells them he had heard they are neck and neck with the stand next to them. Conny tells them that Jean is playing Armin's role in the Snow White play, to Armin's surprise. Back at the play, only Jean and Marco are left performing on stage. Whispering, they wonder why no one has come to help them, then Marco tells Jean to hold out while he goes and get help.

Hange tickles Beane

In the biology lab, Hange continues tickling her Titans. Laughing at the face Beane is making, she tells Moblit to sketch its face.

Marco arrives at the playfield and is surprised to see a long line from the chee-burgs stand. He sees Conny and tells him they need help at the play, but Conny asks him to hold the line while he went to the bathroom. The upperclassmen are in line for chee-burgs. Petra says it must be good if they had to wait this long, but Eld tells her they cannot know which tastes better just by looking at the length of the lines, and Gunther says he heard the stand has a cute salesperson.

Armin then arrives with their order. Shocked by his getup, Eld and Gunther wonder if Armin is the cute salesperson they heard about. As Oruo starts complaining he waited too long, Petra shoves his chee-burg in his mouth. Oruo is impressed by the flavors and starts talking fast, speculating how the burger was made, until biting his tongue.

Ian notifies Rico that their rice is nearly ready. Knowing their rice is what made them win last year, Armin suggests a limited-time sale to Eren; doubling the amount of cheese. Reiner mentions that their chee-burg stand appears to be winning judging by its line's length, but Armin says the competition's turning point comes when their rivals remove the lid off their rice pot.

Back at the play, Jean is performing alone on stage, but suddenly everyone leaves running out to the playfield, except for two students. Eren and the others hear a commotion from Rico's stand. Armin, realizing they are about to open the rice pot's lid, starts promoting for the double cheeseburgers with double cheese for the same price, attracting more customers to the chee-burg stand. As Rico commends Year 1 students, she tells Ian to open the lid, but everyone is interrupted by loud trembles in the ground.

Eren cries out for his chee-burgs

In the hallway, Erwin asks another teacher, Nile, to deploy all staff, in preparation for a Titan invasion. A horde of Titans is approaching the food stands, and everyone starts evacuating the area. Eren helplessly tries to fight holding kitchen tools in hand, but a Titan steps on him. The Titans steal all of the food stands and then leave. Mikasa comes to Eren's side, and he cries out for his chee-burgs, cursing the Titans, as the whole school observes the aftermath in shock and sorrow.

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  • Sasha being caught by Mikasa for stealing many cheeseburgers is similar to a scene from episode 38 of the main anime when she was caught stealing food in a rural cabin.
  • A horde of Titans running towards the food stands mirrors a scene to when they approached the Female Titan in the forest on episode 20.