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Clown Berolt (しょかくやベルトルト Sho kaku ya Berutoruto?) is the 3rd chapter of the 6th volume and the 42nd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Another moment for Bertolt to get Annie alone has revealed itself after class one day. Will they bond over how they can both make animal sounds?


One day after class, Bertolt sees Annie standing by herself looking out the window. He quickly hides, only to blurt out her name and catching her attention. Bertolt then starts meowing, confusing Annie and causing him to chastise himself for making things even worse. As he tries to explain his actions, Annie reveals that she can imitate the sounds of several different birds; Bertolt asks to see and when it appears Annie is puckering her lips at him, he gets a nosebleed and promptly falls backwards.

Annie starts to leave when Bertolt tries to call her back. Just then, Reiner bursts in; seeing the look on their faces, he quickly goes back outside and closes the door. He then returns to mention that he can do animal noises as well. As Bertolt becomes anxious over the possible animal sound Reiner can do (which could scare off Annie), he becomes horrified when Reiner expertly calls a flock of sparrows over to him and they start to sing in tune. Bertolt cries out that the moment is ruined and flees, with Annie incredulously suggesting to Reiner that perhaps Bertolt was hoping he do a gorilla imitation instead.

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