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Coderoin (コデロイン Koderoin?) is an illegal drug circulating within Stohess District. Possession of this substance can get the user 3-5 years in prison.


Coderoin is seen in the form of a small blue tablet, similar appearance to a pharmaceutical pill.[1]


The drug is created through the extraction of the chemical morphine from fluid extracted from papafer plants. The morphine is combined with ammonia in a 7:3 mixture. The mixture is heated until the fica fragments and SiCl are separated from the mixture, after which the solution is heated to 77 °C and nitric anacetic hydride is added. Further steps are then required for the creation of coderoin to be completed.[2]


Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part One

During Annie Leonhart's investigation into disappearance of Carly Stratmann, she ends up at the Pit Lidors inn. During a confrontation with a thug in the bar about Carly's whereabouts, she pulls the Coderoin from him and threatens him with a prison sentence. When the thug cooperates, Annie lets him go. The bartender tells Annie where she can find Carly's lover, Kemper Boltz. She heads there to find that he is not home and searches the place for clues to his whereabouts only to find more Coderoin in boxes.[1]

Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part Two

It is revealed that Carly Stratmann was the manufacturer of the drug in order to help her father in his financial problems, while Kemper Boltz was the dealer.[2]