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The Colossus Titan (超大型巨人 Chō ōgata Kyojin?) is the principal of Attack Junior High School.


The Colossus Titan is the tallest Titan, being able to peer over the Walls of Attack Junior High. Its features are rather disproportionate to its body, having a rather small head and skinny arms.


When Eren Yeager was young, the Colossus Titan stole his lunchbox containing cheese meatloaf;[1] this would cause him to begin harboring a grudge against all Titan students attending the school.

Within the following five years, it became the principal of Attack Junior High School. As a Titan, it was lenient against complaints made against Titan students at the school. Eventually, it would soon hear from one of the advanced placement teachers, Nile Dok, that a fellow faculty member had decided to start reprimanding the Titan students when they were acting out.[2] As a means of retaliation, the principal decided to start implementing more strict rules against the human students, despite protests from many of the faculty members.

Upon Mr. Smith taking responsibility for the Titan students getting attacked, the principal is given a copy of his resignation letter. However, Eren grabs a nearby lunchbox and is able to distract the principal by feeding him the contents inside; at the same time, Eren is able to grab the resignation letter and escapes back to the other students who have gathered around. The principal suddenly disappears and roughly a week later, the recently enacted school rules are lifted.[3]