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Colt Grice (コルト・グライス Koruto Guraisu?) is an Eldian living in Marley and the older brother of Falco Grice. He is a Warrior candidate (戦士候補生 Senshi Kōho-sei?, also translated as "Warrior Cadet") who is selected to be the next wielder of the Beast Titan power.[2]


Colt is a physically fit young man with light eyes and short light hair. Like his fellow Warrior candidates, he wears the standard Marleyan soldier uniform consisting of a light jacket and pants, supply packs on the hip, suspender straps, a hard hat with a stripe around it, and tall combat boots. As an Eldian his uniform is different from that of the Marleyans in that the shirt collar has a small badge with the Eldian star instead of a small clip and the hat has a white stripe with the Eldian star on it instead of a pure black stripe. As is law in Marley, Colt also wears the Eldian armband as all his family and ancestors residing there do as well.


Colt is a dedicated and brave soldier, risking his life to go retrieve his wounded brother Falco after he comes under enemy fire. He shows great care for his brother as he gives him his hard hat as they flee and makes sure his wounds are treated when they return to the hiding trench. While caring and brave, Colt is also a tactical soldier who works with his Commander to plan their attacks, despite his superior officers looking down on him for being an Eldian. Colt always appears to have a guess of what moves might be made in advance by the enemy and tries to strategize to use their forces and the power of the Titans to best take out the threat without losing lives.

However, he can lack discretion in times of leisure, having asked Pieck to share her alcoholic drink, despite being very bad at handling his liquor. This has happened often enough that most of his comrades and even superiors are aware of this trait.


In 832, disgrace was brought upon the Grice family when his uncle's involvement with the Eldian Restorationists came to light. To prove his family's innocence, Colt was forced to pledge service to the Marleyan military as a Warrior candidate, eventually getting chosen to be the next inheritor of the Beast Titan power.[3]


Marley arc

Colt brings Falco to safety

Colt saves Falco and brings him to safety

During the Marleyan war with the Mid-East Allied Forces, Colt is present among 800+ other Eldians fighting on behalf of Marley. However, he is valued as a Warrior candidate with the potential to inherit the Beast Titan power.[2] During the fight, Falco and some of his comrades are hit by enemy fire, killing some but sparing Falco and leaving him wounded. Colt appears to save him and puts his hard hat on Falco's head before carrying him on his back while avoiding enemy fire. When Colt returns to the hiding trench with his wounded brother, their fellow candidates tend to his wounds. Commander Magath shows concern for Colt's well being but then demeans him when he reports that they are unable to dig any further due to enemy fire.[4]

Colt voices concerns over the enemies' artillery, saying they should let Porco Galliard and Pieck handle the enemy gunmen, but Magath refuses. The appearance of the anti-Titan artillery leads Magath to order his 800 Eldian Warriors into battle to take it out, but before this can happen the plan is canceled in favor of Gabi's idea to solo attack it with a bomb. Colt watches as Gabi executes her attack and succeeds. When she is under fire from one remaining survivor, Falco rushes out of the trench to save her, much to Colts concern. Luckily, the two are both saved by the transformation of Galliard and the last enemy gunmen is taken out.[5]

Colt admires Zeke

Colt admires Zeke's ability as the Beast Titan

After the war, during the meeting of the high-class officers, Colt is seen behind Zeke Yeager, who refers to Colt when he talks about the resume of Paradis Island Operation.[6] After the meeting, Colt is seen talking to Zeke and discusses his Beast Titan's Power. Just as Zeke is about to unveil his secret, Commander Magath appears and stops the current conversation as Colt lights the cigarette for his superior.[7] Later, he is seen drunk in the train as he praises Gabi for her bravery of taking the Armored Train down in place of 800 candidates.[8]

The following day, they arrive at Liberio and Colt, feeling weak, is supported by Galliard. Back in the camp, he meets his parents.[9]

Colt is later summoned to the Warriors' headquarters, where he attends a meeting with the current Warriors to discuss the dangerous position Marley's weakened state puts the Eldian people in, and Zeke's plan to resume the attack on Paradis Island.[10]

Zeke holds a meeting with the warriors

Colt attends a meeting with the Warriors

After a month has passed, he attends a strategic meeting to determine how best to strike at Paradis Island. While there, he bears witness to his brother beating Gabi in a sprinting exercise. However, he claims it is too late for Falco to overtake her, for which Zeke mildly berates him. The two comrades are later seen playing catch, preparing Colt for his role as the next Beast Titan.[11] Later that day, some time before the curtain at the stage rises, Colt wonders where Falco is shortly before the latter arrives out of breath and asks for Reiner to come with him.[12]

At his seat, Colt notes the number of high ranking officials, ambassadors from other nations, and reporters who have all come to Liberio for Willy's stage festival; admiring what the Tybur family is capable of.[13] After the play on stage starts, Colt and his fellow Warrior candidates are left stunned when Willy reveals the truth behind the Great Titan War having been put to an end by the 145th King, Karl Fritz.[14] He continues to listen with the others as Willy continues his speech. When Willy declares war on Paradis Island, he witnesses Eren Yeager's Attack Titan burst through a nearby building and crush the stage, killing Lord Tybur and sending debris into the crowd.[15]

Colt picks up Udo and Gabi

Colt picks up Udo and Gabi

Colt is quick to act, pulling Gabi and Udo to their feet. He attempts to drag them away from the area, but when Udo spots Zofia's corpse he pulls away from Colt's grasp. He reaches out for Udo, only for a stampede of panicked crowd-members to carry Colt and Gabi away, trampling Udo in the process. Colt and Gabi are forced to take cover behind a rock, until the pandemonium passes. Later, after recovering Udo's battered form, Colt and Gabi rush away from the stage, now a battlefield between the Attack and War Hammer Titan. He expresses shock in the manner that Marley has been thrown into another war, when Gabi asks about Udo. He neglects to give her an answer, but instead tells her that they need to rush to a hospital. At this time, he starts to fret over where Falco is.[16]

They reach a hospital and Colt begs a doctor to take a look at Udo, but the doctor refuses, stating that their beds are full and Udo is already dead. Disheartened, Colt puts Udo's corpse on the ground and asks Gabi to stay with her family and get as far away from the plaza as possible while he goes to look for Falco, ensuring her that the Warrior Unit will defeat the invading Titans. However, Gabi refuses, and says that she will go to fight too, because she cannot understand why Udo and Zofia were killed. She then runs towards the battle zone, as Colt vainly tries to stop her.[17] He catches up to Gabi and Falco much later but is unable to stop them from using an enemy soldier's gear to get on board the airship and simply watches as they get away.[18]

Unnamed final arc

Colt later takes part in a meeting with Magath and the other Warriors. He is alarmed after hearing of Zeke's betrayal and Magath's plan to attack Paradis alongside the Global Alliance. He then asks if they should have to wait that long to rescue Gabi and Falco before Reiner declares they should launch a surprise attack now.[19]

Colt takes part in Marley's retaliation attack against Paradis, stationed aboard one of Marley's airships.[20] He parachutes into Shiganshina with Magath and a group of soldiers, meeting up with Pieck and Gabi in the district. He is horrified to learn from Gabi that Falco has consumed Zeke's spinal fluid and been imprisoned by the Paradis military. Gabi further tells them about what she heard on the airship and Colt is stunned at the possibility of Zeke possessing royal blood.[21]


  • Falco Grice - Colt is Falco's older brother and cares deeply for him, as he threw himself into the battlefield to rescue his injured brother, even giving him his hardhat as they fled.[22] After he witnesses Falco surpassing Gabi in a footrace, Colt expresses concern over the possibility that Falco will become a Warrior too.
  • Zeke Yeager - As a candidate to inherit the Beast Titan's power from Zeke, Colt greatly admires Zeke and his Beast Titan's unique ability to create and control Titans.[23] The two have a mentor/protegee relationship with Colt standing by his side in important meetings and even playing catch together, probably as a form of training for the Beast Titan's long-range attacks. Colt was alarmed when he found out Zeke betrayed Marley as the man he saw as a mentor had abandoned and betrayed him.
  • Theo Magath - While Commander Magath may look down on Colt for being an Eldian, he values him as a soldier and showed concern for his well-being when he risked his life to save his brother.[24] Colt appears to show some margin of respect for this man, as he attempts to work through strategies with him and is not above giving his opinion on the best move.[25]



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