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Connie Springer (コニー・スプリンガー Konī Supuringā?) is a first year student at Attack High School.


Connie has notably wide eyes and light buzzed hair. He is a fairly short boy and generally wears the Attack Junior High school uniform.


Although quick and eager to volunteer, Connie is notorious for being extremely dimwitted. Despite his lack of intellect and common sense, several people have noted that Connie is fast and possesses great reflexes.


Before class starts, Connie is trying to comb his hair. When class begins, each student stands up and tells the rest of the class what their dream is. It is at this time that a feud begins between two of Connie's classmates, Eren Yeager and Jean Kirstein over their different dreams.[1] The feud stops when another classmate named Mikasa intervenes. After this happens, Eren and Mikasa go outside and talk. Worrying about how Eren will get along with his classmates, Mikasa investigates her classmates' impressions of Eren; when Connie is asked, he absentmindedly says that he likes meat, but favors spicy fried chicken. When Mikasa tries to ask everyone about being friends with Eren, Connie does not hear the request due to talking with somebody else. Later, when everyone is outside a Titan tries to eat Eren. During this time, no one tries to help Eren out of fear. Finally Mikasa stands up to the Titan, leaving everyone with blank expressions on their faces. When Eren comes to, Mikasa tells everyone that Eren put himself in harm's way to protect his classmates. The class goes along with what Mikasa tells them. As Connie asks about Mikasa standing up to the Titan, a girl named Sasha tells him to shush.[2]

When the annual dodge-ball competition takes place, Connie volunteers to be part of the team despite not knowing the rules or how to properly play; this is seen when he throws the ball to a player on the opposing team without realizing what he did. Before Jean can respond accordingly, Marco takes Connie aside to show him the basics on how to play.[3] Despite this (and both Sasha and Mikasa's actions), they are able to survive until the final round where the Titan team easily defeats them.[4] Later all of Class 4 goes on a trip to the Titan building on campus; when they reach a door and muse over how the Titan students behave, Connie proclaims himself to be a genius, only to quickly be shot down by a comment made by Sasha.[5] After seeing how the Titans perform better than they do in class, Connie becomes noticeably depressed. After Armin points out they are currently within the Titan forest, they are all surrounded and their lunches are stolen by the Titan students.[6] As Connie bemoans how he was close to getting a sticky lollipop (which was actually pointed out by Jean to be a glue stick), he begins to share Eren's thoughts on getting rid of the Titan students from the school.

Upon hearing from Reiner about a mysterious Survey Club that is dedicated to fighting against the Titan students, Connie goes along with his classmates to join.[7] When told that they can't formally enroll in the club, Connie and Sasha both learn they have been assigned to the Wall Beautification club along with the others from Class Four.[8][9] Rico overhears Connie and a few others request they get out of the club but it falls on deaf ears. After some persuasion by Hange, Connie and the rest begin to put pride into the club's efforts[10] and Rico then demonstrates some equipment that can help them clean the Walls more effectively; this convinces Connie to focus and he eventually earns the right to wear the gear. However, like his friends, Connie overhears from Rico that they are nothing more than janitors and this decreases his enthusiasm.[11]

During a Survey Club trip to Wall Rose, Connie spots Eren being confronted by Annie Leonhart and several other members of the Student Council.[12] He does not take part in the resulting challenge issued that would result in either the continued existence or disbanding of the Survey Club.[13] Connie begins to suffer from low grades along with Sasha and Armin volunteers to tutor them both after school; thinking about food, Connie absentmindedly leaves school and does not come by to get tutored.[14]