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Corina Ilmari (コリーナ・イルマリ Korīna Irumari?) was Angel Aaltonen's assistant and the person who invented the portable gas burners.


Corina had short fair hair neatly styled in a bob, big eyes, and circular spectacles; the manga series depicts Corina's hair as being reddish orange. She prominently wore dark-colored clothing as a weapon-smith, such as a jacket over her shirt and gloves.


Not much was known about Corina, other than her devotion towards Angel. She seemed to be a bright person with a very inquisitive mind who had a deep passion for her field of work.


Mammon crushes Corina

Corina is devoured by Mammon

At some point in her early life, Corina began working on machines and eventually was hired by famed inventor Angel Aaltonen to work as his assistant. One day, a member of the Military dropped by Angel's workshop and dropped off some metal bamboo in the hope it could be used to create a weapon for the military. When Angel returned from an errand, Corina informed him about it and the two began brainstorming ideas on what it could be used for.

Upon hearing Angel muse how the existing cannons he designed have little effect on fighting Titans, Corina began thinking of a device that could enable the wearer to take the fight to them and eliminate the height difference. These thoughts would give Angel the basis for developing a prototype of the vertical maneuvering equipment (which they referred to as "The Device"). Eventually, Corina would accompany Angel to the Industrial City and met with another inventor named Xenophon Harkimo to work on the device further; the two inventors and the head of the Survey Corps. Jorge Pikale showed great interest in continuing to design the machine for later usage by the Military.


The Titan's Son arc

Returning to Shiganshina District, members of a Titan Cult were able to open the gates to the city and Titans began flooding through; one of them named Mammon approached the carriage carrying Corina and the two inventors; it quickly grabbed Corina and devoured her, much to the horror of Angel and Xenophon.[2]


  • Her surname is Finnish, "Ilmarinen" is a character from The Kalevala - the Finnish national epic poetry. Ilmarinen is an artificer who crafted various magical devices; somewhat similar to Corina who worked as an assistant for the inventor Angel Aaltonen. Corina also invented the portable gas burners.


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