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A comprehensive list of all Currently Publicly Available Information (現在公開可能な小情報 Genzai Kōkai Kanōna ko Jōhō?) entries from the Attack on Titan anime's first season.

About the Walls


Humanity lives surrounded by three walls. The outermost wall is Wall Maria, the second is Wall Rose, and the centermost wall is Wall Sina.

The Walls are separated from one another in roughly equal intervals. There is a distance of about 100 kilometers between Maria and Rose, and there are about 130 kilometers between Rose and Sina. From Sina, it's about another 250 kilometers to the center of the interior.[1]

A Rough Diagram of the Human Activity Zone


This diagram (which referenced one in the original manga) provides a more intuitive idea of how large the area left to humanity is. What lies beyond Wall Maria is a mystery.

The elevation increases as you approach the center of humanity's activity zone. This area is also rich in natural resources such as water, ore, and natural gas.[2]

ODM Gear Training


ODM gear training is a difficult process, meant to force the cadet to adapt from moving in a flat 2D plane to a 3D space.

High endurance, strong legs, good spacial awareness, and nerves of steel are requisites.[3]

The 10 Top Cadets in the 104th Cadet Corps


Wall-Mounted Artillery


Prior to the ODM Gear, cannons were humanity's primary anti-Titan weapon. In order to make up for their lack of mobility, the cannons were placed on the Walls, and defensive improvements were made to the Walls (for clarity) as well.

Grapeshot: Low lethality but effective at stopping Titan movement.

Shells: Deal a large amount of damage, but their extremely low accuracy makes it very difficult to aim and hit a target.[5]

Ultrahard Steel


A material that is both hard and flexible, allowing it to tear through Titan flesh. The "single-edged swords" that use the material are widely known as anti-Titan weapons.

Refining Ultrahard Steel requires the use of blast furnaces that exist only in the Industrial City, meaning it can't be made anywhere else.[6]

The ODM Gear's Mechanisms


(ODM Gear Main Unit)

  • Wires stored in the main unit
  • Two axles that spin independently


  • Gas is compressed and held in canisters from which it is injected.[7]

The ODM Gear Mechanisms


Diagram Comparing Titan Sizes

(Fan section)

  • The fans spin when gas is blown on them
  • Adjusting gas compression allows users to control output[8]

The Current Scout Regiment


Their primary mission consists of reconnoitering outlying areas. Their objectives have changed following the fall of Wall Maria.

After the fall, their new objective is to prepare for the second operation to recapture Wall Maria by establishing supply points and routes for troop movement.[9]



A special yeast made only within Wall Sina keeps fodder, wheat, beans, and other items from spoiling for a long time when placed in storerooms or tents.

By seeding storage caches with this yeast along supply lines, humanity prepares to retake Wall Maria.[10]

The ODM Gear's Body Weight Transfer Equipment


To maneuver in 3D space, it's necessary to be able to shift one's weight precisely, using belts strung all over the body.

To allow quick maneuvers in 3D space, the equipment has been made as light as possible.[11]

The ODM Gear's Body Weight Transfer Equipment


Users must shift their entire weight to one side of their hips or the other. This permits acrobatic movement, but heavily taxes the muscles.

ODM Gear Training


For this reason, instructors will deliberately cut student lifelines to gauge reactions. While unsafe, anyone who dies during training would be unable to fight the Titans anyway.[12]

A History of Battles Against the Titans


The oldest available records say the Titans appeared 107 years ago. They devoured most of humanity.

Humanity retaliated with cannons, but they were useless in the face of the Titans' regenerative ability.[13]

Special Military Tribunals


A military court that judges soldiers and military personnel. The judge, prosecution, and defense are all composed of military personnel.

Politics have more influence than in a normal military tribunal. Dhalis Zachary, leader of the three military forces, makes the final decision.[14]

Order of the Walls


Members of a religious organization that proselytizes within the Walls. They worship the Walls as God, refusing to allow any changes to them, even for defensive purposes.

Since Wall Maria's fall, their numbers have rapidly increased, as has their influence.[15]

Selecting a Branch


After three years of training, a ceremony is held in which cadets choose among the Garrison Regiment, Scout Regiment, or Military Police Regiment.

However, only the top ten can enter the Military Police, so the choice is limited to the Scout Regiment or the Garrison. Most select the Garrison.[16]

The Long-Distance Scouting Formation


A theory devised by Scout Regiment Commander Erwin Smith. Since implementing this formation, the Scout Regiment's survival rate outside the Walls has drastically increased.

To describe it in simple terms, this formation is like a human-powered radar. By allowing Erwin, who sits in the center of the formation, to quickly know about Titan spottings, it is possible for the group to change direction before encountering that Titan.[17]

The Forest of Giant Trees


Isolated forests of giant trees can be found within and beyond the Walls. They occur naturally in certain areas, and tree heights can exceed 80 meters.

Before Wall Maria's fall, this particular forest was a tourist area. Now, it is a strategically important location used by the Scout Regiment to protect themselves from Titans during scouting missions.[18]

Signal Flares


These small firearms use gunpowder to fire signal flares. Detachable barrels with signal flares inside are swapped in and out for every shot.

Messages are conveyed by using different colors of smoke. Red: Titan spotted. Green: Formation should proceed. Black: Abnormal spotted.[19]

The Special Target Restraining Weapon


This newly developed Scout Regiment weapon was created in order to restrain specific kinds of Titans.

Barrels are loaded with seven iron tubes that carry spiraling wires with tips on both sides.[20]

Scout Regiment Horses


The horses of the Scout Regiment were bred specifically for them and stand around 160 cm, weighing between 450 and 500 kg.

Their top speed is between 75 and 80 km/h, and they can maintain speeds of 35 km/h. Horses are about the only way to escape a Titan.[21]

Scout Regiment Carriages


These carriages use a complex and special suspension system created in the Industrial City. It is made from Ultrahard Steel and therefore can only be produced there.

The carriages are able to maintain a speed of about 20 kilometers per hour when drawn by Scout Regiment horses. It is also possible for them to be driven over stone streets and other poor ground conditions with no change in speed.[22]

The Military Police Regiment


The Military Police Regiment numbers around 2,000, but if you add the Garrison Regiment under their command, their actual force is approximately 5,000.

Each walled city has about 200 MPs stationed there. Primary duties are to oversee cadet brigades, monitor the Garrison, and direct fire-fighting operations.[23]

Wall Sina


Wall Sina encloses the capital and about 200,000 people. Residency requires special permission and is technically restricted to the royal family and their relatives.

One may also earn residency rights through meritorious service in the Garrison Regiment or Military Police Regiment, which is considered the sole means for the poor to gain safe refuge.[24]

The Wall


One swelteringly hot night in the year 784, a lone miner attempted to pass through Wall Sina by going under it. A few days earlier, as he stood digging in the mines, shovel in hand, a thought suddenly came to him - maybe I could have a better life if I go to Wall Sina. It was almost a revelation of sorts. For days after that, the miner walked until he found a spot in a dense forest along the Wall where he would begin digging. No one would pass by it, and the thick foliage overhead would obscure the watchful eyes of the soldiers standing at the top of the Wall. Knowing this, he decided to begin his operation the following night. He dug into the ground with the wide shovel he had come to know so well, and made steady progress. Before long, the hole was so deep, his entire body fit inside. When he could no longer toss the dirt he dig outside of the hole, he began shoveling it into bags. He later disposed of them by climbing a ladder. Every once in a while he would drink water, but he would only stop digging if he needed to, like when his muscles started to tighten up.

The miner had absolute confidence in his ability to dig holes. It was what he had done for 20 years straight, and during that time, he learned to dig deeper, faster, and more efficiently than any of his peers. He could dig a path in no time - through difficult tunnels that gave any other miner fits. But something felt different that day. He dug and dug, but seemed to make no progress. Every time he made an attempt to dig horizontally, his shovel was rejected by the earth. The Wall's foundation seemed to jut deep into the ground, preventing the miner from proceeding. Still, he did not give up. He had to enter Wall Sina, no matter what. Life in Wall Sina was no longer his objective; it was meaningless to him. All that mattered was overcoming the Wall. The miner made a promise to himself as he wiped the ever-flowing sweat from his brow. I'll stake my 20 years of digging on this. I will get past this Wall.

The hole had grown to four or five times the miner's own height when his shovel hit a hard floor of rock. Bedrock? he wondered. It seemed to be the same material as the Wall's foundation. Using all of his strength, the miner plunged his shovel into the bedrock. He failed to so much as scratch it, while his shovel broke from the impact. The miner let out a heaving sigh deeper than any hole he had dug in his 20 years.


"A Wall?" the miner's friend asked, somewhat dubiously, "Isn't it strange?" he replied before helping himself to a drink. "Why would there be a Wall in the middle of the ground?" The two sat around a table deep in the back of a tavern located in the outskirts of town. The man was the miner's only friend, and the two would often drink there after work. As always, no one had invited him to drink after work that day (the day after he attempted to get past the Wall), so he had gone to his usual tavern to tell his friend about what had happened the previous night. Surely the friend would never tell anyone, he thought. "What if we are not only surrounded by walls on every side, but there's a wall below us as well?" the miner asked. "So what are the Walls, anyway - " he continued, until his friend cut him off with a cough as he looked around the tavern. The other customers were busy drinking, trying to sweet-talk the tavern maiden, and hollering at one another. None were looking in the pair's direction. Still, the interruption was enough to make the miner stop discussing the Wall. If someone else had so much as heard them, it wouldn't be long until the Military Police would show up. "Oh, it's nothing to worry about," the friend said, gathering himself. "Just keep on living here as you've done until now. You'll still be poor, but you'll have work and drink. That's enough, isn't it?" "Yeah," the miner replied. "You're right. I'll go back to honest digging. It's probably what I'm cut out to do, after all." But the miner did not show up to work the next day. Nor was he there the following day, or the one after that. The miner's friend visited his home a number of times, but he was never there. As he had no close family or spouse, no one knew where he could possibly be. The friend was at a loss as to what to do, and so he decided to tell the Garrison Regiment everything, including the details of the miner's efforts. A joint investigation was launched between the Garrison Regiment and the Military Police the next day. It seemed a bit excessive - the miner may have committed the crime of attempting to dig his way past the Wall - but he was just an impoverished, lone miner. The miner's friend could not understand why they went to such great efforts. But ultimately, the miner was never found and neither was the hole he supposedly dug. Not only that, the miner's friend suddenly disappeared one day, and he has never been found since.[25]