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A comprehensive list of all Currently Publicly Available Information (現在公開可能な小情報 Genzai Kōkai Kanōna ko Jōhō?) entries from the Attack on Titan anime's OVA episodes.

Titan Biology


Little remains in recorded history about the causes behind the Titans' appearance, making the subject a near-total mystery.

The Titans act for one reason: to eat humans. However, the data suggests that they do this not to feed, but to slaughter.[1]

The Wasteland Navigation Exercise


A field exercise in which the cadets are split into two detachments and make a round trip through a wasteland. Both groups depart at the same hour and travel along two different routes, retrieve the planted object, then return to base. The target of this exercise is to find out how well one can stay alert in a non-critical situation.[2]

The Underground City


Created as a result of a previous plan to move underground in order to escape the Titans.

However, the plan was aborted, and it has since become a slum of sorts, where paupers, criminals, and more live.

As there are very few opportunities for its residents to be exposed to sunlight, many inhabitants develop issues with their legs.[3]

Scouting Missions


Exploratory activities carried out by the Scout Regiment beyond the Walls. Their goal is to both explore the unknown area outside the Walls as well as to determine the true nature of the Titans.

However, many soldiers are lost during each scouting mission, including thirty percent of new recruits during their first scouting mission.[4]

Stohess District


A walled city located to the east of Wall Sina. While there are high-class residential districts where the rich live, there are also places like bars in its backstreets where laborers gather, creating a dangerous atmosphere.

In the past, there were plans to build an Underground City, but they were abandoned for some reason. Even now, the remnants of its tunnels are still around.[5]

Waste Liquid Tank


A large tank that stores dirty water and waste liquid containing toxic pollutants generated from industrial activities. It has a capacity of 5000m.

When the dirty water and waste liquid exceed a set level, part of its content will be transferred to another tank and purified through a special filtration device to make it harmless to the human body before being discharged from the plant.[6]

Ferry Boat


Connects humanity's active districts.
Moves via chains elevated over rivers.
Transports passengers, freight, military supplies, and other materials.
In year 845, when Shiganshina District was attacked, many residents utilized these ferry boats in order to reach Trost District for refuge.
Maximum capacity is 150 tons.
Its power source is identical to that of the ODM gear - utilizing pressurized air.[7]


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