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A comprehensive list of all Currently Publicly Available Information (現在公開可能な小情報 Genzai Kōkai Kanōna ko Jōhō?) entries from the Attack on Titan anime's second season.


Little is known of the Titans inside the Walls. They appear to form the Walls with a material similar to the Female Titan's crystal.

The leaders of the Wall Cult seem to be aware of the truth, but remain wholly unforthcoming.[1]

Scattered Villages


In addition to the cities at the Walls, there exist villages of various sizes contained within the Walls.

They exist to provide goods and food to the people in the cities, though containing a higher population overall.[2]



Though seemingly primitive, torches do not extinguish when dropped, making them ideal for night operations.

Due to their usefulness and long burning time, materials to make torches are issued as standard equipment in the Scout Regiment.[3]

Utgard Castle


It is unknown when this ancient castle turned ruins was built. The hefty cannons contained within its walls contain substantial defensive power, but for what enemy they were placed here for is anyone's guess.[4]

Winter Training


As Titans are most active in sunlight, blizzards can hinder their speed.

Soldiers able to move freely and swiftly in such poor conditions gain considerable odds for victory.[5]



Lifts are used to carry objects and materials over the Walls. They are easily transported and assembled and are built in such a way to facilitate emergency and tactical deployment. Their weight is minimized for this purpose.[6]

Titan Martial Arts


Though not typically an impressive exhibition of power and size, martial arts is similarly effective for Titans as it is for humans. Grappling throws and holds used against a Titan opponent are sometimes more potent than a striking blow.[7]

Field Rations


An extremely nutritious ration utilized by the Scout Regiment. High calorie crackers and canned food are staple rations which can quickly provide soldiers with the necessary energy for their operations without the need for a fire.

The flavor has been refined so that the taste isn't bad.[8]

Titan Regeneration


Those with the power to become Titans possess an inherent ability to regenerate. Their limbs can be dismembered and their internal organs destroyed, but as long as they survive, their bodies will regenerate back to normal given sufficient time.[9]

Ymir's Hometown


It is not known where Ymir's hometown is located. However, its location is most certainly outside the confines of the Walls.[10]

Special Titan Powers


Among the Titans, there are those with special powers. The tense, high temperature steam of the Colossal Titan and the hardened skin of the Armored Titan are prime examples. It remains unknown how they possess such abilities.[11]

Unyielding Vow


Through extensive research and accounts of various incidents, it has become clear that the scourge of Titans which have long plagued humanity are of human origin. The Colossal Titan which destroyed the Wall at Shiganshina District is a human possessing the ability to transform into a Titan, demonstrated by its intent to breach the Wall with the purpose to exterminate humans. Titans are not sent by the heavens to punish us for our sins, but invaders that must be driven back. Thus, we swear, by the blood our brothers and comrades spilled waging war against this foe, we shall not relent our lands nor yield the fight.[12]


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