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A comprehensive list of all Currently Publicly Available Information (現在公開可能な小情報 Genzai Kōkai Kanōna ko Jōhō?) entries from the Attack on Titan anime's final season.

Marley: A Military Dictatorship[]


Following the Great Titan War where the hero Helos led them to victory, Marley was revived as a formidable military power. Utilizing seven of the Nine Titans as "Warriors," Marley conquers enemy nations with their overwhelming strength. In addition to their Warriors, Marley's army, navy, and airborne forces assist in trampling their enemies.[1]

Eldian Armband[]


These armbands are used to differentiate the Eldian "devils" from the other races. Eldians of higher classes may have armbands with different colors. Armband color can also vary depending on if the Eldian is in the military or a regular civilian. It is mandatory for Eldians in Marley to wear their armband when they go outside.[2]

Warrior Candidates[]


A unit of child soldiers consisting of Eldian "devils." Under command of the Marley army, they undergo harsh training and are selected based on their grades, skills, behavior, personality, and devotion to Marley. As only "devils" can inherit the Nine Titans, the existence of Eldians is crucial for the defense of Marley. As such, Eldians selected to become Warriors are granted "Honorary Marleyan" status along with their immediate family.[3]

Tybur Family[]


A family of nobles that revolted against Eldia in the Great Titan War 100 years ago. They joined hands with the Marleyan hero Helos to overcome the Eldian Empire and bring an end to the war. As nobles who have possessed the War Hammer Titan, they have guided Marley for many years and hold significant influence both domestically and abroad. Currently, Willy Tybur is the head of the family.[4]

The Paradis Island Operation to Retake the Founding Titan[]


A mission executed under the command of Theo Magath. Four Warriors were sent to complete the mission: Marcel Galliard, Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover, and Annie Leonhart. Their objective was to infiltrate Paradis Island, retake the Founding Titan, and return it to Marley. Five years after it began, two Warriors were captured by the enemy and one other was killed. Though a prisoner possessing the Jaw Titan was brought back to Marley, of the original members, only Reiner returned safely.[5]

The War Hammer Titan[]


The Titan inherited by the Tybur family and held by Willy's younger sister, Lara Tybur. Its body is encased in a white shell created by its extraordinary hardening ability. Furthermore, it can use that same hardening ability to construct any weapon it envisions. Its war hammer, crossbow, and whip are a few examples from its arsenal of Titan-sized weaponry it wields to fight.[6]

New ODM Gear[]


Gear used by the Paradis Island forces which utilizes compressed gas and wire hooks fired from special equipment to allow their soldiers to nearly mimic flight. Though previously unavailable with the island's technology, the gear includes semi-automatic pistols, special swords, and some soldiers are even armed with fire shells, enabling superior anti-personnel and anti-Titan combat.[7]

Marley Military's Official Rifle[]


The military's official bolt-action rifle fires five shots and can be equipped with the standard-issue knife as a bayonet. They are used regularly by Marley's Warrior unit, army, and navy.[8]

Scout Fleet[]


Formed to investigate Paradis Island after the Operation to Retake the Founding Titan had failed. The first fleet embarked in 851. Over the following three years, approximately 4600 soldiers aboard a total of 32 scout ships and destroyers were sent to Paradis Island. However, not a single one has returned to Marley to this day.[9]



A small, eastern nation with its own unique culture whose head of state is called a "shogun." Producing many talented engineers, Hizuru has flourished in weapons and aircraft development and was at one time an ally of the Eldian Empire. The crest of the "shogunate" depicts three single-edge swords in its design.[10]

Paradis Island Devils[]


An insult referring to King Fritz and the Eldians who fled to Paradis Island. In Titan studies, the "Paradis Island Threat" theory claims the Eldians who fled there still bear a grudge from the Great Titan War and despise the rest of the world. With the threat of Eren Jaeger now apparent, the insult holds truer than ever.[11]

New Eldian Empire[]


A new name for Eldia used by those on Paradis who are sympathetic to Eren Jaeger's actions. They have rallied around Eren and the name, causing disorder on the island, which is currently divided on whether to attack other nations or not.[12]

Marleyan Cuisine[]


The regional food of Marley which consists largely of fish, shrimp, and other various shellfish. Served deep-fried, steamed, marinated, and in stews with aromatic vegetables, the many styles of Marleyan cuisine are enjoyed by people worldwide. The famous red wine of Southern Marley is often used as a secret ingredient in their cuisine, but is paired with meals as well.[13]

Spinal Fluid Wine[]


A red wine produced in Marley with Zeke "Wonderboy" Jaeger's spinal fluid mixed in. After consuming Zeke's spinal fluid and hearing his "scream," Subjects of Ymir will turn into Pure Titans who obey his orders. The wine and Titans have proven to be a cheap and effective weapon to conquer enemy nations.[14]

Titan Research[]


Research concerning the unique power of Subjects of Ymir to become Titans. A field of study since the era of the Eldian Empire, it encompasses not only the biology of Titans themselves, but also the ideologies of Eldians who possess the power and how to deal with them. Though researched extensively over many years, the truth of Titans still remains a mystery.[15]

Shiganshina District[]


The fortified residential district of Paradis Island where the Operation to retake the Founding Titan began in 845. In the five years following the Fall of Wall Maria, it was inhabited by Titans. However, with the operation's failure, the hole was plugged by Eren Jaeger and the current state of the district is unknown. The primary goal of the new strategy is for the Cart Titan and Jaw Titan to infiltrate Shiganshina, the southernmost district.[16]

Anti-Titan Gear[]


Following the raid on Liberio where the Cart Titan's turret gear was damaged, new gear was designed to defeat the Founding Titan. It improves upon the Anti-Titan artillery appropriated from the Mid-East Allied Forces by being designed to penetrate through even Titan hardening.[17]

Paradis Island Surprise Attack[]


The goal of the surprise attack is to retake the Founding Titan. It's unknown what conditions must be met to activate the Founding Titan's power, therefore, it's critical to secure the Founding Titan before its power can be used.[18]



Eldians who have ingested Zeke Jaeger's spinal fluid transform into Pure Titans from his "scream." Losing their own will, these Titans obey Zeke regardless of who they are or their lives before.[19]

The Coordinate[]


The place where all "Paths" intersect. There, time is both instant and infinite.[20]

The Origin of Titans[]


According to legend, the Founder Ymir obtained the Power of the Titans when coming into contact with "something." For generations, her blood and power were passed down by the Eldians. However, the identity of that "something" which began it all remains unknown. It may have been some type of pathogenic parasite, a god who pitied the Founder Ymir and gave her power, or something else entirely.[21]

Anti-Titan Rifle[]


A large-caliber, single-shot rifle developed for use against Titans. Debuting in the surprise attack of Paradis Island, it's powerful enough to bring down a Titan with a hit to its nape, but the rifle's utility is questionable. Its size, weight, and significant recoil make it a liability to the shooter.[22]

The Rumbling[]


Used as a bogus threat by the 145th King Fritz to bring peace to Paradis Island for the past 100 years. Due to the vow renouncing war, the rumbling and its millions of Colossal Titans could not be put into motion until now. Following the collapse of Paradis Island's three Walls, the march of the Colossal Titans flattens everything in their path. Now that the rumbling is underway, destruction of the world is not far off.[23]

Ragako Village[]


A village that was deserted after being overrun by Titans. Upon their arrival, the Scouts discovered a single Titan with extremely small limbs which made it unable to move. Later, when Titans were being eradicated from the island, former Ragako resident Conny Springer requested for the village to become a "Titan Observation Zone" and be left as-is.[24]

Hange's Stew[]


Made with ingredients pilfered from nearby villages, this stew cooked by Hange contains a generous amount of potatoes to help fill the stomach.[25]

Flying Boat[]


Hizuru technology must be used to service the world's first flying boat, which uses Iceburst Stone as fuel. Since it was designed to observe the might of the rumbling, the craft is capable of long-distance, intercontinental flight.[26]

Enemies and Allies[]


When Titans were the greatest threat, Titans were the enemy. When countries were the greatest threat, countries were the enemy. For as long as people hold firm to different beliefs, there will always be an enemy.[27]

The World[]


Beyond the Walls, there is a sea. On the other side of the vast, blue sea is a continent. That continent has cities, bustling markets, and all sorts of people living there, just like on the island. But in the outside world, Subjects of Ymir are despised more than anything.[28]

The Doomsday Titan[]


A Titan with a body that is more than colossal, with a total length of several hundred meters. Unlike traditional Titans, most of its gigantic body is made up of bones. The countless ribs that extend from the vertebrae become the legs of the giant body, which continues to advance, swaying slowly from side to side, regardless of land or sea. It brings along countless Titans. This Titan, which has swallowed the Attack Titan, the War Hammer Titan, the Founding Titan, and the Beast Titan, would be able to control all Eldians if its inheritor wished to do so.[29]

Port of Odiha[]


A coastal city located in the southeastern part of the continent of Marley. It has huge port facilities, and many of its citizens work in the water transportation industry. Not only does it overlook the sea in the southeastern part of the city, but also the river that traverses the continent to the south, making it a key point in the trade that connects the southern side of the continent and Marley. The northern side is surrounded by high mountains. If the Rumbling were to come, it would come over those mountains in the north.[30]

Fort Salta[]


A fortress located in the southwestern part of the continent of Marley. It was built to suit the surrounding terrain, and was created for the purpose of researching and manufacturing air weapons, mainly airships. It is surrounded by a table-shaped plateau similar to a fortress, which was also used as a landing pad and as a training ground for airships.[31]

The past generations of the Nine Titans[]


Eren, who holds the Attack, the Founding, the War Hammer, and the Beast Titans, is connected to the Founder Ymir. The Founder Ymir is connected to the Paths, and there are infinite Paths. There is no fixed time in the Paths, all kinds of time exist. And so, Titans from all time were summoned. Colossal, Armored, Female, Jaw, Beast, Cart, War Hammer, Attack, and Founding Titans. Some of them are Titans we know, others ones we have never seen.[32]

The Titan flying in the sky[]


Unlike common cases of Titan inheritance, Falco became a Pure Titan through Zeke's spinal fluid, and then inherited the Jaw Titan. As a result, in addition to the Jaw Titan, it also developed the characteristics of the Beast Titan, and its claws and jaws took on a shape reminiscent of the beak and claws of a bird of prey. Its biggest feature is the huge wings that grow on both arms. Its huge wings, which can reach a total length of 30 meters when its arms are spread out, have the power to lift its giant body into the sky by flapping them.[33]

The Doomsday Titan - Colossal Titan Ver.[]


A Doomsday Titan whose user turned into a Titan after losing most of the Doomsday's body. Since it is the same size as a Colossal Titan and has the same head as the Doomsday Titan, it is thought that it has at least the abilities possessed by the Attack Titan. Even after losing the body, the royal blood, and the Rumbling, it still keeps going. Even if what lies ahead is hell.[34]

A world without Titans[]


Even if the Titans disappear, the fear will not. Even if the number of people decreases, conflicts will not. Still, someone must wish for it someday. There should be a world where we can join hands with each other. There should be a future where we can respect and talk to each other. That future is just around the corner.[35]