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The reason for having a town jutting out of the main Wall


In this world, Wall construction is a matter of the utmost importance.

As illustrated by the simple diagram on the left, with a town just built inside the Wall, in the event that the Titans burst through, the people would have no means to cope with the crisis. Put simply, with such a vast circumference, people wouldn't know where the Wall would be breached. And naturally, there aren't enough humans to support a military force that could monitor and guard the entire ringed Wall.

In other words, the object is to narrow down the target. This strategy keeps the cost of guarding the Wall manageable and allows the military to consolidate its forces. However, without humans within the Wall to serve as "bait" that will attract the Titans, this strategy has no chance of paying off. Having troops garrisoned at the town guarantees an economic benefit for the area, but that economic advantage falls short when compared to the fear of being eaten by a Titan. Thus, not many people are enthused about living in these towns. Therefore, the ruling monarchy praises the residents of these front-line towns as "the bravest of warriors" in an attempt to drum up more volunteers.

A bit of history: since the strength of the gates that connect the human domain to the Titans' territory outside the Walls is inferior to that of the Wall itself, there was a proposal by conservatives to seal the gates off entirely. However, reformists successfully argued that "abandoning the gates to the outside world is tantamount to abandoning the will of the human race to reclaim its dominion" and the plan was halted.

As the story progresses, more light will be shed on how the Wall was initially built and the situation at the time of its construction.[1]

Weight-shifting Equipment for Vertical Maneuvers


Complex weight-shifting technology that employs full body-encompassing fixed belts is required to make vertical maneuvering possible.

Vertical maneuver device: attached to waist

The lightweight equipment is designed for high-speed, three-dimensional mobility.

Operating device: normally stored in the side holder Scabbard: attached to thigh

The person shifts their entire weight to either side of their hips. The majority of that weight is applied to the bottom of their opposing foot. Though the maneuvers give the appearance of effortless flight through the air, it's a system that only works through the strenuous use of the muscles throughout the user's body.[2]

A Basic Overview of the Vertical Maneuvering Devices


The operating device is run by a black box (technical specs, maintenance, and improvement of these specs are secret).

(The vertical maneuvering device)

  • Steel wire is stored in the operative section
  • Two axes spin independently
  • Main tap connected to cylinder
  • Connected to the operating device
  • Connected to belt
  • Steel wire to pierce Titans, etc.

(Parts of the fan) The part that blows gas towards the fan and the emission are black boxes (technical specs, maintenance, and improvement of these specs are secret). Gas is blown directly at the fan to make it spin.

The emission system is shaped like a shuttlecock so it doesn't interfere with the gas coming in through the intake port. Gas pressure is adjusted to manage the output. The gas is compressed into the cylinder, then injected into the tube.[3]

A Broad-scale Illustration of the Human Domain


This illustration gives a sense of the extent of territory left to the human race and is not an accurate depiction of the size of the towns and Walls. Whatever lies outside the outermost Wall (Wall Maria) is still unknown, and thus cannot be portrayed accurately.

The center of the human domain is at a higher elevation than the rest of the territory, with rivers beginning there and flowing outwards. The human domain is blessed with natural resources such as water, minerals and natural gas.[4]

Wall-mounted Artillery


Shell: The goal is to kill the Titans with these. If the Titans' weak point can be hit, it's possible to bring them down with one shot. However, when firing at a moving target with an unrifled cannon, accuracy is low, so aiming and hitting the creatures at a precise spot is very difficult. The outcome is usually unsuccessful.

Grapeshot: Soldiers mainly use this for artillery support before it comes to close quarters combat. It's not very effective at killing the Titans, but it does slow them down to an extent.

The rail cannon must be secured firmly when firing or else the whole battery itself will be blown backwards. Once the target is locked on, the battery is secured to the rail. These necessary actions diminish the speed of firing.

Before the era of vertical maneuvering equipment, cannons were the main anti-Titan weapon, but they lacked mobility and were extremely difficult to use in a ground war. On the other hand, the Wall's defense had been improved through the installation of mounted cannons.

The difference between these and traditional mobile cannons is that the mounted model has the ability to fire vertically downward. Their structure also mitigates recoil.[5]

Illustration of Differences in Body Size

  • Soldier: 1.7 meters
  • 4 - 5 meter class
  • 7 meter class
  • 15 meter class
  • Colossus Titan: Estimated Height: Approx. 60 Meters Tall[6]

The Current State of the Survey Corps


The chief purpose of the Survey Corps was to explore the land outside the Wall, but the actual activities of the Corps changed after the fall of Wall Maria.

Since the fall, the Corps has been laying the groundwork for the second Wall Maria recapture operation, braving Shiganshina District, where the Wall was destroyed, a large force has been positioning supplies in abandoned towns and villages scattered along their route, establishing a supply line for the Corps.[7]

Vertical Maneuvering Equipment Training


Humans move in two dimensions, so vertical maneuvering equipment training, in which they must adapt to three dimensions, is extremely demanding. Physical strength is most important, especially leg strength, though the ability to adapt to G forces (which women particularly excel at) and a grasp of three-dimensional space are also vital. When in midair, one must quickly assess the situation and surroundings, while uncommon willpower is required to keep from panicking. The various training activities include bungee jumping and gymnastics with equipment. At one point, the instructor will deliberately cut the lifeline (an "ambush" in trainee vernacular). At any rate, it would be hard to call this training "safe," but anyone who would die during this period would not stand a chance in battle against a Titan, and soldiers who manage to get through it come out with a stronger fighting spirit and self-confidence.[8]

Ultrahard Steel


This steel is only produced in factory cities. It combines toughness and flexibility to slice through Titan flesh, and it's currently the only material capable of that. As such, the single-edged sword, a specially creased forged blade, is known far and wide as an anti-Titan weapon. Blast furnaces are essential to refine "ultrahard steel," which is why it can only be produced in factory towns. The forging process requires very small quantities of several rare metals, but exactly which ones and in what ratios have become secrets known only to residents of those towns.[9]

Survey Corps Horses


The stable horses used by the Survey Corps are selectively bred to be approximately 160 cm tall and 450 - 500 kg. They can get on by a simple diet and travel for many hours without complaining. These horses have a mild temperament and rarely panic, even when confronted with Titans. Their top speed is between 75 - 80 kph, and they can maintain a swift 35 kph gallop. The horses are tenacious, able to maintain a fine speed of 20 kph even when pulling a carriage. They aren't the Titans' direct goal and are able to outrun the Titans on foot, making them the only method of escape. These horses are extremely valuable. In monetary terms, one is worth an average person's lifetime income.[10]



A unique type of yeast is produced behind Wall Sheena. At a galnce, it looks like a lump of fermented soybeans the size of a human head. It's a well-known fact that storing the yeast in sheds or tents that also contain fodder, wheat, soybeans, or dry-cured meat slows down the decomposition process immensely. It's a given that this yeast preserves food by transforming it, although there is as yet no scientific theory to explain it. The placement of yeast storage plants in every area so that supplies can be stockpiled is part of the human race's strategy to take back Wall Maria.[11]

The Titan Forest


There are forests of giant trees both inside and outside the Wall. They grow wild along the borders of one district, averaging a height of over 80 meters. No one knows why trees of this size exist, but some have proposed the nature of the soil as the cause. Before the fall of Wall Maria, people maintained the forest as a tourist attraction. Without human intercession in the last several years, the area has fallen into ruin, with the forest path mostly swallowed up by weeds and trees, although parts of the path remain intact from the comings and goings of the Titans through the woods. The forest has become an important base for the Survey Corps, used to protect themselves from the Titans while on expeditions outside the Wall.[12]

Special Target Restraining Weapons


The Survey Corps has developed a new weapon in order to restrain specific Titans. To the untrained eye, it looks like a normal wagon carrying barrels, but inside each barrel are seven iron tubes containing coiled wires with arrowheads attached at both ends.

The wires are strong and specially made to become elastic after being ejected from the barrels. When the device is activated, arrowheads are fired from both ends of the tubes. The arrows on one side head for the targeted Titan, while the ones at the other side become lodged in a tree trunk, so if the tip pierces the Titan's flesh, it's possible to tether the Titan to the tree with the wire. The purpose of this weapon is to immobilize the target, anchoring it with hundreds of arrowheads fired from several directions and wires with great tensile strength.

Development of this weapon required a significant capital outlay, so the Survey Corps had to guarantee positive results before investors would contribute the money. To that end, the continued existence of the Survey Corps itself is at least partially dependent on the results of their current mission.[13]

The Military Police Brigade


Only the ten individuals with the highest marks in their year's Training Corps may apply to the Military Police Brigade. Additional soldiers join the Brigade in other ways, such as by transfer from the Garrison after gaining experience there.

The Military Police Brigade is about 2,000 soldiers strong, but reportedly has an actual fighting strength of about 5,000 soldiers including the Garrison, which is under its command.

The Brigade acts as though it is above the Garrison, and behind the scenes, it has the power to influence every section of the administration in the Interior. As it does not come into contact with the Titans on the front lines, it also suffers no human losses.

About 200 MPs are deployed in each walled city. Their main duties are to preside over the Training Corps, supervise the Garrison, and command and control the fire departments. They also arrest and detain political criminals and major offenders. The Military Police Brigade is ever given the first priority during investigations that involve nobility or the royal family.

Due to its character, the Brigade often comes into conflict with the Survey Corps, whose roots are democratic in nature.[14]


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